Number lottery combination software


Open excel file with history of all lottery results.

Search the combination of the 3 or 4 or 5 or X numbers that appears mostly in the file.

Choose a sum and get all the X number combination that appears in file.

For example look for the 3 numbers that are most popular in table.


Small windows for choosing the excel file.

Choose the list of 1-X numbers .

Choose the SUM of numbers.

Button to RUN.

listbox for result.

Save text file as result.

if prefered in phython or other witout guy with simple interface also ok in a good price.

Supply source code documented.

I will send 2 excel files after bid received.

Thank u

Please write in your proposal
"I know how to make the and find the combinations of numbers "
Please add your example of application that u did like of mathematical software or so.
Please add your CV and experience and projects u did.

3 main tasks of the program :
1.Find which 4 numbers appears mostly in result. (can be choose X 2-17 mostly )
so can be find the 9 numbers out of 17 in all the 8696 results that are exist mostly.
For example 7,8,9,18,22,44,55 are being appears in the 8696 results about 100 times.
The reply to :Which numbers are most frequencey aprears in the table .
2.I choose a number with is a sum of the numbers (in case loto is 6 in case 777 is 17)
look in table results have this sum of numbers.The result of 6 numbers give this SUM or the result of sum of the 17 numbers gives this sum.
I choose 40
and the result of the program will be a list of all the lines of results of 17 numbers that is i sum them i will get 40.(in case of lotoo it will be 6 numbers)
4.Filters to be choose

Add to 1
is of X numbers that have the greatest frequency of appearing during all the recorded dates.

Notice in Excel Files :
Each line in the excel table is a lottery result.
The first colum is the lotery number as total number of lottery was 2912
The B colum in 777 is the lotery number as total number of lottery was 8696

For example if u choose 3 then in loto file:
Then the sw will find the 3 numbres that are have most occurences in the table lines of the lottery result.
5 23 45 appears in 50 lines in table the lottery numers are 234 456 789 .... colum A
6 9 33 Appears 100 times in lines in excel lottery number 899 788 2 4 ...... 100 numbers in the colum A
13 23 36 Appears 77 times in lines in excel lottery number 76 824 8262 212 ...... 7 numbers in the colum A
Therfore after scanning all the combination the conclusion is that 6 9 33 have 100 occurences and it is the most occurences of 3 numbers.
Same X for any number we can choose . For 5 numbers with the most occurences or 16 in the 777 excel file.

Attached excel files:

Beceriler: .NET, Matematik, Matlab ve Mathematica , Python, Windows Masaüstü

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