PHP/MySQL = Order form processor and admin section

I will not pay a dime until the project is completed.

This will outline the complete project.

All this is done in PHP/My Sql Database. I will install it so make it easy and test on your server.

Overveiw :

What I need is a payment processing script with an admin interface that lets the admin log in and view and print invoices.

When a user goes to the order form page and fills it out and submits it, the script takes that info and creates an invoice

in the admin panel.

Below is the complete outline of the script and its functions.

-----The order/payment form----

I need the order form to handle 2 types of orders.

1. for a service (will be used mainly for this tpye)

2. to gain access to a site.

-----TOS (terms of service) -------

First I need the order form to load the TOS(terms of service) and users have to click agree(button) to proceed.

I need to be able to have a diffrent TOS depending on the referring url. So it will have text files..

Example :

[url removed, login to view]

[url removed, login to view]

[url removed, login to view]

and if the referring url is

[url removed, login to view] | [url removed, login to view] <<<can change from the admin panel or [url removed, login to view]

And for pay-for access, something like

[url removed, login to view] | [url removed, login to view] | [url removed, login to view]

I tell it to load tos file [url removed, login to view] <<which is a txt file full of text/html

Example of the look of the tos:

[url removed, login to view]

(this is carried over and inprinted on the invoice.(that they agreed)

The only info that needs to be encrytped is all ccard info, name, number, date..etc and the webhost username and password.

Here are the links to the order forms. There are 3 of them. (for paying for a service)

[url removed, login to view]

[url removed, login to view]

[url removed, login to view]

How the script will know if its pay for access invoice is a hidden form tag.(if it doesn't have this tag the script will

assume it a pay for service invoice.)

<<<something like that.

For paying for access the only diffrence will be that the script with take their email address as the username and generate

a password prefferably a hard to hack pass like ./_fGe+ed

and add it to the right .htpaswd file

the script with know which .htpaswd file to add it to through the list of referrers.(above)


[url removed, login to view] | [url removed, login to view] | [url removed, login to view]

(they will have temporay access until i run their ccard. Then in the invoice it

has a link to verify or disaprove access. If I verffy the membership it just changes a feild on the invoice

Membership and Payment has been verfiyed

If I click disapproved it just deletes the .htpaswd entry.

After I click approved it asked me when will payment be due again. I enter a date and on the main admin page. it shows next

to their name (payment due) in bold red) and when i run their card again I go in that invoice and click Payment Recieved

it then ask me the next date. After that it just copies the entire invoice and changes the invoice number to the next inline.

For pay-for-service, it has 3 individual order forms;

(Would it be possible to have only one order form and depending on the link the user/customer clicks and it changes the

few feilds/text that need to be changed?)

(The order form needs to be in html in the php script so i can easily edit)


Also for pay for service form only!!- I need users/customers to have the option to upload up to 5 files, in a certian directory

specifyed in [url removed, login to view] and be able to limit the size and file type.

I need only 3 for pay for service (Which I will provide)

1 for pay for access <<< i will provide the layout for this when you need it.

and 1 for advertisement service <<< i will provide the layout for this when you need it.

All the data contained on the order form needs to be passed to the invoice/database. The email/url need to be clickable.

"I need to add this in some how, a simple credit card checker based on the Luhn Mod 10 formula -------

insert the script"

[url removed, login to view]

As a few security measures, the form processor needs to deny any access if the refferer url isnt from ([url removed, login to view] <<

and be able to add more urls.


after submit and all is checked user is redirected to a recipt to print, it will say

Thank you for your order Mr/Ms.

some text which I will specify. Maybe have the text on the receipt be a basic .txt file for easy editing.

if it was a pay for access it will have their username and password printed on this page and in the email they will recieve.

the script will also generate a recipt number that is also on thier invoice(for tracking ..etc.

I tell it what recepit number to start at from the admin panel

example : cds014001

>>>>>>>>>> <<< and this changes depending on form name, please read below


On the invoices will they be easy to edit the layout.

for example :

To place the amount vaule I just put where I want

or the Name where I want it to appear.

So I can make the invoice appaer how i want.

and all the above stated options.

--------admin panel-------------


[url removed, login to view]

Will the pages for the admin section be html for easy editing? between tage or templates?

On the admin section I would like it to be in tables and check boxes next to all entrys for simple sorting.

and of course some type of encrypted password protection on the admin site

(These would be the links,

when clicked bring up new window) (This info will come from a feild on the form)

Checkdoxes Invoice Service Date (when user posted invoice) Amount

() cds0001 - Paul James/[url removed, login to view] Maintance 12/12/1212 $80.00

() cds0002 - bill bob/[url removed, login to view] Hosting 12/13/1212 $120.00

() dde0003 - gim jon/[url removed, login to view] Design 12/13/1212 (Due again 1/13/1212) $45.00

>>>>>the first few letters in the invoice number are taking from the form name

>>>>>>>>>>>> <<<<<here, reason : I will use this for more then one site, and diffrent sites will have diffrent call code,

and each diffrent call code should start off at 0001

NOTE:: What happens when 9999 is reached, it should go to 10000 and on

The only sorting I think I would need is a few buttons at the bottom of the page.

1. Add invoice, for phone calls<<this would take you to the order form

2. Delete invoice

3. Edit invoice <<to change certian parts of it

4. Reset all invoice numbers at <<< used so when we are testing and want to reset

5. Cloak Credit card numbers << after we have printed invoices , I would like to change all numbers except the

last 4 to XXX (in the database for safey)

6. whatever you think should be added

All my contact info can be found at [url removed, login to view] (we will need to chat/IM to discuss.





If your time on this project is short then I will pay you more: $50-100, which I will tell you before you start so not to mislead.

Before you start I request a TEXT/Word Document Stating that you understand my reqirements and the time you need to complete

and you know that the pay is XX.XX. I will also need a link to veiw the work in progess. (if you do not have a server, I can

provide a blank server for you to use to test and me to veiw as you work on it.)

I look forward to working with you. If you need to download this entire bid proposal, click on the attached file link.

please do not bid on this project if your bid is over $60.00 USD

please do not bid on this project if your bid is over $60.00 USD

please do not bid on this project if your bid is over $60.00 USD

please do not bid on this project if your bid is over $60.00 USD

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