Pick-em contest, using logged in VBulletin users

Looking for a PHP/MySQL solution for running a simple sports pick-em contest each week using login

names from a VBulletin database. Users of a Vbulletin community would try to predict the winners of

roughly 10 sports games each week. At the end of the week, each user would get a point for each

correct pick and those points would be added to their overall running total for the season. The

following lists would need to be generated:

Top scores each week

Top overall season scores (running total)

Process each week:


-At the beginning of the week, the ADMIN would be able to choose how many games would be in that

week's contest (10-15 probably) and would then enter in each of the teams names for each game.

-ADMIN would enter a tiebreaker question that would have a numerical answer (ex: How many points will

New York score?)

-ADMIN would then set a time when users would no longer be able to enter their picks

-ADMIN would be able to enter how many points that week's games would earn users if picked correctly



-After logging into their VBulletin account, USERS would be able to goto a separate app (not

integrated into VBulletin) that would automatically detect their VBulletin username (cookie?) and use

that username to identify them

-USERS would be presented with that week's games and would put a checkmark next to each team it

thinks will win that game, and also would answer that week's tiebreaker question (no two users would

be able to enter the same number), then submit their picks

-If USERS try to access that week's games after the cutoff time specified by ADMIN, they won't be

able to participate that week


-After games are complete, ADMIN would enter in the correct outcomes of that week's games and the

correct answer for the tiebreaker question

-Program would calculate how many correct predictions each user had and increment their season totals

-Weekly top users list would be printed to a static page and tiebreaker would only be used in the

event of a tie to determine the top overall weekly winner that week, who would get 2 additional

points added to their season score (tiebreaker will otherwise not affect their weekly or season


-Top Weekly Winners list would be printed to a static page

-Top Overall Season Scores would be printed to a static page


-There must be the ability to run 2 different seasons at once (ex.: football and basketball), each

with their own unique weekly games and running season totals, the only thing they'd have in common

would be that they both would use the VBulletin username but would otherwise be unique from each


-If more than one season was taking place, users would be able to enter all their predictions for

both seasons(and the tiebreaker for each) on the screen where they make their picks

-Seasons would be able to be "closed" and top overall winner chosen

Beceriler: PHP

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