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Upgrade of PHP Boat lettering online tool

I want to add the following features to the web decal design tool located

[url removed, login to view]

/decal-design-online/[url removed, login to view]

This is done in PHP. Customer boat names are designed online using this tool and ordered from us. The changes I want are as follows:

1. Magnify feature / Reduce feature: If someone makes 1" letters or 10" letters, they are either too little to really see the details or too large to fit in the graphic box. Magnify does not have to be graphic, but some reasonable method of showing the design in detail as an ALTERNATE VIEW button shown with the results.

2. Once a decal is designed, the current system saves a JPG file with the lettering on it as an internal function. There are thousands of these images now onine from past designs. Based on these images, and the names given to the boat, I want to design a Boat Name suggestion tool for a new page. This allows the customer to see the already designed names and lettering styles of past customers designs. I'd like to have this on a page filled with thumbnails. A customer can simply scroll the thumbnails and click to see detailed images of that boat lettering design If they see one they like, We let them click it, fill in their own name and skip the remainder of setup and regenerat for the customer the same result as the thumbnail but with their boat name versus the design sample.

Part B of this tool is a new page and you simply scroll randomly throught boat names/images on a page entitled "boat name generator". It's more of a gadget but it's a way to offer a boat naming tool that we suggest boat names they might like.

3. On the administration page I go to for orders, there is a similar screen with similar data. I just want to paginate the administrators order page with different locatios for the text that is pulled from each oter. this is where I work from to see what the custome ordered and what it should look like.

4. an option to EMAIL the boat lettering image to the customer after it is designed.

5. A change to the code that passes the order to the cart. I want to pass a quantiy in that stream whch is already known but is not sent along with the other information to my cart service.

6. I want to add 1/2" increments to the font sizes.

7. On the administrator page, I want to rearrange 6 fields already there and add the photo on that page versus how it is not, a button I click. The purpose is to PRINT the boat design to my printer showing the image and order details.

8. Change to code so that a shadow offset is calculated from the dimensions of a previously incuded outline. Currently both shadow and outline are caluclated by reference to the font. This is fine except when a large outline is used, most of the shadow hides behind an outline if present.

Quote a firm fixed price, your best price, and if awarded, I will give you the option to cancel without obligation should there be more work than you anticipated. Most of this is easy to accomplish, some just a few lines of code. You will not be obligated to me if you offered a low price but then change your mind afterwards. It will be my option to ask you a revised price but not an obligation, I may simply award this project to another party.

Now an optional feature to be priced as an option if it's even possible to do.

Some boat design tools can show the deigns with some special effects. Effects I woulld like to see include:


Arch UNDer (this are like curving in a ball shape the lettering about 30 degrees bend max. The arch over/under will include calculations necessary for an optional additional cost.

Add a Graphic: I wil suppply a catalog of graphics. YOu supply a routine to thumbnail them. If a customer wants one, you simply take the graphic and place it beside the design illustration with a note it will be colored the same as the lettering and sized according their specification. I'll give you a cost factor to include in the price based on a graphic rading. EX: Graphic "MOON" is a LEVEL 2 COST .50

In this case you take level 2 and multiply it by Size. For example:

50cents per aquare inch cost times 100 square inches times 2 and that's the grapic price to iclude int eh customer quote.

Eazy pick catalog.

Here I simply give you a catalog of ready made boat name decals. You thumbnail them, the customer picks out whatever the sizes they want.. for example, 52 inches wide 19 inches high. I'll give you the cost per square inch with the graphics. you simply calculet the order after the customer specifies the size. With each graphic I'll give you a max on height and width and you can let customer know if their graphic size is too big, you show them the largest size they can order.

On this routine, there will be an option to include matching boat reg numbers. You simply take in the data and use my price formula on it and total that whole package back up in the shopping cart.

We use MALS ecommerce.

Please cotact me with your questions.

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