Upgrade Software control de Visitantes -- 2

Software Provided

• We provide a client-server functional php base input desktop (guard software) and a php admin module that is used to adminístrate the desktop software and use mysql database

• The software was developed with php language

• The software desktop client need to have a php server and mysql server installed in the computers to work

Features of the Software Provided

• The desktop and admin software have a login procedure

• The desktop software is integrated with the SDK of the LDR Scanner to extract the data info of the ID and Driver Licenses

• The picture of the documents is saved in the database in a longblob field

• The desktop software can’t print informs, only the admin module can do and it need improve

• When the Guard scan a visitor using a SnapSell IDR scanner, the software check in the DB if the visitor is new or not, in the case the visitor is new, it add the new record to the visitors data base table, after the operator checked the ID number and name is correct, and add where the visitor will go, this action also add a record of the visit to a visits table with the time record. The scanner extracts the information from the ID or License card to the form inmediately and the guard software let the guard to correct the scanned information before checkit and check out the visitor

Changes needed

Phase 1

1. Improve the scanning time from 8 or more seconds, to less tan 5 seconds.

2. Improve what is needed to guarantee the full functionability of the software managing more tan 300,000 records

3. Create a configuration file to stablish name, credentials and location of the database file.

4. Add to the desktop software the report module with the following feature

The report will be divided in 3 sections as follows:

a. 1. The 1st one with a combo box that will list the name of the five predesigned and fixed reports, and enable the administrator to select the range of visitor and range of dates he or she need

b. The 2nd section, is a tool for the administrator to design his/her own report. In this section, the Administrator must select 7 fields needed for the report, type the Name of the report the administator need to print in the form, and also the range of date and/or visitor. If the fields selected are widest than the page width, the administrator must receive a message box informing that.

c. The 3rd section is the export utility. The administrator must export both sections as an Excel worksheet.

5. Compile in one desktop software the db management and php server service needed to run the software. When the software is installed in a PC, all files needed have to be installed using one installation setup file

6. The software must have 3 kinds of users, 1 adminstrator, 2 supervisor 3 operator. The operator only can add records, supervisor only can edit records and access to reports and export tool, and administrator full access

7. Change the way the picture is saved in the database, only save the location of the picture, no the picture, to avoid a bad increment the database have

8. Integrate a bar scanner provided by us to extract info from the ID and Drivers licenses and disable the ocr from the snapshell scanner.

9. Update all improvements in client-server software we provide too

Phase 2

9. Each installation setup must have a key for installation like office and a expiration period of 1 year. When reaching the 90 days before the expiration day, the user must get a new key, if not the software must stop working.

10. USB Dongle to operate the software, with expiration time. When 90 days to expire, each day the software must show the operator a message box to renew the dongle. If no dongle in the computer, the software will not open. This is for the Guard and administrator desktop software

To approve each stage, we have to test the system alive in a period of 1 month and the freelancer have to fix each bug or error detected during the test period.

20 days each phase

Beceriler: ASP, Javascript, MySQL, PHP, Visual Basic

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