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Hello there,

I have a project that I need someone to help me out with C++.

The main idea is: we take the ready source code (I will show you github rep), update it if needed and do some customization in order to have our own personal private cheat (if VAC can't get the dll on hands then we are safe forever) and make a clan of 10 people that can make 2 groups of 5 and avoid getting reported by their teammates (to avoid Overwatch Bans as well as you need to have 11 reports in order to trigger Overwatch examination on you) as they will all be hacking using my cheat.

This would require:

- update it in order to work on the latest visual studio (was coded on VS2013 i think)

- update it in order to work on the current version of CSGO (update the offsets, of course in case you have no experience on this, instructions + help will be provided)

- make few changes (randomize placements or whatever in order to create a new signature on the dll so it doesn't get detected).

- rename this cheat with my own name (so it shows on menus etc)

I could make a forum (I know how to setup forums, which one doesn't really matter as long as you can work on the last requirement so you choose:)

- a client (dll injector) that my clan mates can use their forum logins (client would have a username / password box that they can use with their forum credentials and the client would contact the forum and verify they are status "CLAN MEMBERS").

If they are, then download and inject the dll ****without them get the dll on hands**** so they can't try to crack it or anything or send it directly to valve.

If they are not "CLAN MEMBERS" so they probably took the client from a rat from my clan then just close without doing anything.

The source that you will work on is: [url removed, login to view]

That's it.. tell me if you are interested.


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