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Simple Program that will be run on Linux - Raspberry Pi that polls a folder and displays the mp4 file located in that folder. Can be written in any language - Details below. See attached flowchart of program.




1) Must run on a raspberry Pi 3

2) Must be stable - This application will continuously be running

3) Ability for it to run automatically from a a start menu if the device needs to reboot

4) Read Values from a Config file (Text File)

5) Error trapping in case files are missing - The ability to send an Email alert if there are problems. Also Display On Screen if there is an error, but continue to goto beginning of application and retry. Send out Email every 30 minutes or whatever is specified in Config file.

Program can be writeen in any OS that can be run on linux - the application will be run on a rasperry pi3 NOOBS OS. I would prefer .NET, but I am open to any language that can be run on the raspberry pi 3.

We have a Web Server running IIS that can be used as part of the solution if needed.




The Program will continuously loop an mp4 file. Before it displays each time, it will check to see if a new version of the mp4 file exists. If it does, it will close the current file, and archive the current file and move the new file to the shared folder that the active mp4 file should be. It will then start to display this mp4 file. When the mp4 file is done, it will query a second folder for a file and if it is there, it will read a second text file to see if this file should be displayed. If the toggle is set to yes, it wiould display this second mp4 file. When this process id done, it will start over from Step 1. See document flow.


Config File:


The config file will contain:

1) The File Path for the MP4 File to Be Displayed (Shared Network Drive)

2) The Archive Folder for the old MP4 Files (Shared Network Drive)

3) Alert Time - Number of minutes before next email alert is sent out.

4) Station ID - This will be used to identify the location of the file and append to archive name.

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