I am looking for a simple PYQT application that will be used

I am looking for a simple PYQT application that will be used to create a CSV file full of file paths and other info. Please do not use a program like QT Creator to make the gui window because it makes very messy and complicated files. We need this pyqt app to run on both mac and windows systems. It would also be great if it ran on linux, but that is not absolutely needed. Please make sure the app is compatible with python 2.65. here is what the gui will look like:


| ____________________ |

| |___________________| Browse |

| _______________ |

| | type pulldown | |

| | Submit | |


Drag a file in a image sequence onto the app, or browse for a single image file in a sequence and the app figures out:

* the first and last frame of the sequence, and converts the frame number to %04d ( 'd' represents how much padding the frame number has)

* A hash value for the entire sequence.

* If there are missing frames in the sequence. If there are missing frames it asks you if you want to continue

There is a dropdown that has a list of 'types' that the image sequence can be. The three types are: fire,water,explosions. The list of types should be easily editable

After the file is dragged on to the app and a type is selected then you hit submit.

The app will save the data to a csv file that contains:

*The full path to the image sequence with the frame number converted to %04d ( 'd' represents how much padding the frame number has).

*The 'type' of image sequence

* The first and last frame in seperate cells

* A hash checksum of all of the frames in the sequence combined

* A sequence ID that is a 5 padded number that is unique for that sequence type. For instance 00001 or 00002.

A file will not be added to the csv if and a error window will pop up if:

* The file path already exists in the csv

* The hash checksum for the sequence matches another hash value that is already in the csv

* The image selected is not part of a sequence and it isn't a mov or avi file.

If a video file is dragged on to the app (a .mov or .avi file) then it will still pretty much act the same except:

* No first or last frame will be saved to the csv

* the hash checksum will be calculated on that one file.

I am hoping there will be more work like this in the future, so I am looking for someone that I can build a relationship with. UPMOST QUALITY is to be expected. I will be reviewing the script for messy coding and/or lack of commenting. Thank you very much!

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