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YOLOv8 Model Conversion for Pi Detection -- 5

$30-250 USD

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$30-250 USD

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I own a YOLOv8 model formatted in keras-cv and need a skilled professional to convert it into the latest version of TensorFlow Lite. The crucial function of my model is its real-time object detection capabilities. The objective is to utilize this model for object detection on a Raspberry Pi, and this functionality must be maintained post-conversion. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in TensorFlow Lite - Experience in YOLOv8 model - Familiarity with keras-cv format - Experience working with Raspberry Pi - Proven track record in object detection models conversion.
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With my multifaceted knowledge of artificial intelligence, I'm confident that I can successfully convert your YOLOv8 model to TensorFlow Lite with zero compromises on its real-time object detection abilities. What makes me the best fit for this job is my extensive experience in TensorFlow Lite and my prior knowledge with YOLOv8 models. During my time at Synaptik, I've managed to successfully convert complex AI models while maintaining their core functionalities. Moreover, my familiarity with the keras-cv format and Raspberry Pi enhances my capacity to navigate this task smoothly. In addition, my background in computer vision, deep learning,和 image processing combined with my robust skill set in Python, TensorFlow, PyTorch实 and OpenCV are undeniably ideal for executing projects like yours involving AI技术 improvements Overall, not only do I promise quality outputs;且你得到了一个对自己所提出的问题足够真诚的简历应聘用户。 As an AI engineer who stays up-to-date with the latest advancements和 ethical standards in the field, I am committed to delivering high-performing solutions=tf. Taing on your职务 would give me an opportunity +o combine both我的百分比专业 and我对所追求的价值观。
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With the combination of my extensive knowledge and competence in TensorFlow Lite and YOLOv8 model, I am confident in my ability to convert your existing model into the latest version of TensorFlow Lite without compromising its real-time object detection capability for your Raspberry Pi usage. Additionally, my deep understanding of keras-cv format and experience working with Raspberry Pi will ensure a smooth transition of your model while maintaining its efficiency. Moreover, my background in AI/ML and delivering various successful projects on time and within budget demonstrates my proficiency not only in object detection models but also in project management—skills that are essential for converting complex models such as yours. I am truly excited about the prospect of implementing your YOLOv8 model for your Pi Detection needs. Given my proven track record in tackling similar projects and dedication to staying abreast with emerging technologies, I believe I possess the needed expertise to deliver an innovative solution that surpasses your expectations. Let me be part of this project; together, we can push the boundaries of object detection for Raspberry Pi
$140 USD 7 gün içinde
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Hi there,Good afternoon I am Talha. I can work with your project skills Tensorflow, Object Detection, YOLO, Keras and Raspberry Pi I am excited to present my proposal, which centers around a personalized approach designed to elevate your project. We will start with an in-depth consultation to gain a deep understanding of your project's unique requirements, goals, and constraints. Our commitment to customization means that we will tailor our services to align perfectly with your project, and we will explain how this approach will meet your expectations. Please note that the initial bid is an estimate, and the final quote will be provided after a thorough discussion of the project requirements or upon reviewing any detailed documentation you can share. Could you please share any available detailed documentation? I'm also open to further discussions to explore specific aspects of the project. Thanks for considering my proposal. I'm eager to collaborate and contribute to your project's success. Let me know if you need any more information. Regards. Talha Ramzan
$30 USD 11 gün içinde
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