We are thinking of developing and implementing the following project.

In brief: "We need a web-based, real time online booking system for holiday rental properties with the following capabilities and features":

One section of the project will be to upload and manage property rentals or sales, (Back-end-webpage) where private property owners and real estate agencies can rent their property to individuals or other real estate agents (Front-end-webpage).

Back-end: SSL

Our own admin area and also a member area where people initially can register (login name, mobile, password, etc) and a security coding box.

Registered: Member (Private Owner or Real Estate Agent or Affiliate)

Members can Manage/Upload their own area/properties.

This will contain all property elements (type(3), description items, location, etc. with drop down/tagboxes, else.,), pictures (up to 12 automatically processed and scaled) and a complete text-description of the property in question (multi lingual 20).

After setting prices, availability, terms, etc. A confirmation-Email which contains the link that takes them directly to their office area registering them as a member.

Companies and professional landlords should be able to list multiple properties and manage them via their online admin area with different user levels (access to different area).

Members should be able to set changeover days and add mandatory or optional extras to add to the price for cleaning, laundry, discount, last minute, etc.

This will initially be to manage a system of 50-200 properties, but will eventually expand to incorporate more (unlimited). All property information stored in MySQL generate (HTML,XML search engine friendly pages, generating meta tags from title, descriptions, location etc)

To get an idea of what we want, study and analysis the following websites:

[url removed, login to view]

[url removed, login to view]

[url removed, login to view]

[url removed, login to view];languageid=11 (Front end design)

When a client books an item, our system charges a flexible booking fee and/or %. The member receives an automatic booking email and a sms. Once confirmed by the member an automatic email is than sent back to the client confirming the booking and how to pay the balance. Key instructions, etc are included in email.

After the rental period the client will receive an email requesting them to complete our survey on the item. The survey will automatically update the indexing system of

variables (rating points, comment text, etc) with values (+/-). Automatically send to Member to read and possible to upload comment text.

Because of the online payment (option) and Data Protection requirements the site should be exceptionally secure. The web pages which are generated via the search engine should only show the services or products of our advertisers of the selected locations. This will have scope to include banner management and pay per click advertising etc and a full system to manage this form of advertising.

Every item is connected to a real time booking calendar which renters can use to choose their dates and make a booking. (see [url removed, login to view]). An important aspect is that every time a booking has taken place the calendar is automatically & instantly updated.

This project is to implement the following three main services:

1. Back-end booking manager system

2. Unlimited unique front-end rental website with all functions and links.

The website should have unique variables (generated link-coding).

3. A detailed affiliate function whereby affiliates can use our items on either their own websites or even obtain a front end website with unique affiliate coding.

The completed website should be able to handle all of the above main requirements.

Other Requirements:

The website should make use of Google Maps (or alternatives) to view locations.

Likewise the system will be expected to include an advanced mailing list manager which will have a super user admin area to control all users with selections for specific purposes.

The front-end website should include a simple and an advanced search engine which visitors can use to search for items in a world wide area. Search results will be influenced by indexing/rating.

We are looking for a design and colour scheme which can be changed as the seasons change or as the user wants to see it would also be desirable (Hence heavy use of css).

The website should be exceptionally search engine friendly, quick to update and change and be as dynamic as possible (Meta Keywords etc)

Proposals for improvements are welcome.

Please do not waste your time if you have not studied and analysed the following websites:

[url removed, login to view]

[url removed, login to view]

[url removed, login to view]

[url removed, login to view];languageid=11 (Front end design)



Thank you for your overwhelming response to our project. We have noted so far that no one has emphasised or mentioned the main parts of our business.

1. The real time online booking system which is the core of our business model.
2. The real time calendar which will be linked to each member’s item.
3. The Affiliate System

To get a real idea of the real time booking system and the functions we actually require please go to www.eurorelais.co.uk and www.rentalsystems.com and sign up and study.

If by any chance any of you have already developed a similar system or can with no difficulty be able to develop the above please send to us asap demos or samples and if necessary include usernames and passwords for us to inspect.

As soon as we receive the above requirements we will than reassess and select the appropriate qualified person.

Thank you for your time and look forward to hearing from you,

Take care


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