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It's an Indicator, called MS_Indicator:

Attached is a screenshot of how it should look like (screenshot1)

screenshot1 is missing another field.

The last field will be called IB (for Inside Bar)

It will also check ALL 9 TFs.

* The Indicator will be in a new window (at bottom)

* There are two kinds of arrows, a skinny arrow and a heavy arrow.

The skinny one is for new or weak trends, conditions or PAs (Price Action or Bars)

The heavy one is for strong trends, or conditions or PAs.

Many Indicators show that, so please check and see how they determine that.

* The Direction of the Arrow is simple:

For down or negative numbers, bars or direction, then the arrow will be down

For opposite, the arrow will be up.

Fore flat or even, please determine what to use

-a blank field or another symbol that will reflect that. (please research it)

* The color of the arrows will be changeable in the external settings

For down or negative numbers, bars or direction, then the arrow will be down and color will be red

For opposite, the color will be yellow.

For flat, color is green

* Please have the option for using the Inner Bar (current bar) for the arrow color.

So, In the settings, we will have:

ColorForCurrentBar = True; //If true, change arrow color according to current/active bar or condition

If false, color of arrow is for previous/confirmed bar or condition

and is the same as the direction of the arrow.



So, If MACD on previous bar was down, but it's up in the current (active) bar, the arrow will be down, BUT the color of the arrow will be yellow

- The " * " in front of the arrow, means it's a freshly formed condition and we can change how many bars back can we go in the settings:

BarsBack = 3; //This means if the condition formed during the last 3 bars, put the " * " in front of the arrow.

A perfect example is if a new MACD formed from zero (or below zero) in the last 3 bars and it's going up,

then have the arrow UP and an " * " in front of it.

>>>> Please see the attached screenshot2 <<<<

- the yellow vertical line is the active bar (please ignore the black dotted vertical lines)

- Please note, there was a mistake on the MA Cross in screenshot2 (on where the active bar should be).

- On the last field (which is not in screenshot1), is the IB (Inside Bar):

there will be no arrows in this field. Only the word IB or *IB

>>> IMPORTANT <<< The following rules will be different for this field:

the BarsBack = 3 and the * rules.

(this time, the * is for a break)

So, if BarsBack = 3; and the TF has an IB in the last 3 Bars it will say IB instead of an arrow AND if the IB is broken in the last 3 bars, it will say *IB

InsideBar conditions/rules are: (the inside bar has to be equal or 1 pip less the previous high or low).

Break or *IB is when the next bar breaks one pip above or bellow the IB.

The Field Names will be editable in the settings:

External MACD_title = "MACD";

External RSI_title = "RSI";

........ (and so on)

Explanations of the fields/columns:

BAR = BAR or Price Action, which is the previous closed bar (or if ColorForCurrentBar = True, then the current Bar)

MACD = Dos Not Need Explanation

RSI = Dos Not Need Explanation

STOCH = Dos Not Need Explanation

MA-A = #A Days Moving Average - When the bar is close above or below the MA

MA-B = #B Days Moving Average - When the bar is close above or below the MA

MA-C = #C Days Moving Average - When the bar is close above or below the MA

MA-D = #D Days Moving Average - When the bar is close above or below the MA

We will choose 4 MAs (Above) with all their settings chosen by the user.

MA-Cross-1 = We Choose which of the 4 MAs (from the top) to use to cross. When the two MAs above cross each other after a bar is closed, then show down arrow for bearish cross or up arrow for bullish cross

MA-Cross-2 = Same as above.

The MA Settings can be changed and WE CAN CHOOSE Which Crosses the MA Cross is for whatever MAs we input in the settings

So, again, we will be choosing 4 MAs and 2 Cross MAs from those MAs.

Please tell me how fast and how much? :-)

I would really appreciate any help.

Thank you very much.

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