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489537 Mutli thread Scraper and Auto messenger for Social

My operating System: Windows 7(but I would like the program to work on Windows XP, Vista & 7 both 32 and 64 bit versions...this isn't a necessity, but I would like it).

Brief Overview: Profile Creator , ID scraper, Image scraper, Content scraper, Auto-Messanger from Created Profiles. This needs to support multi threading using multiple proxies, also needs to support [url removed, login to view] API.

This needs to support the following sites

[url removed, login to view]

[url removed, login to view]

[url removed, login to view]

[url removed, login to view]

[url removed, login to view]

[url removed, login to view]

To create the profiles I need a profile data and image scraper. It needs to then load the scraped user data to a loader to create the profiles. This needs to be multi threaded and linked to decaptcher

I also need the software to scrape Google for keyword targeted Member Ids:

Inorder to this the tool needs to navigate to [url removed, login to view] and do a search query.

The search query in google would be like this

Site:Social [url removed, login to view] + keyword

The User interface it needs an 2 input fields for this function.

1. To define the social network site in the example it was “Social [url removed, login to view]”

2. To define the keyword and in the example it was Keyword

site:????????.com + ??????.

The software should allow the user to define the ?????? , Which will be websites and keywords to target Ids.

Then the software has to scrape the IDS and store them.

Another way I need to scrape IDs is directly from a User´s friends list. With the software I should be able to navigate to the desired User´s page and scrape the Id´s of his or her friends and contacts.

All Ids will be stored to prepare for auto messaging and automatically sending friend requests to these users.

The program must include a 5 seconds delay between each friend request and message sent. This process should be mutli-threaded and the user should be able to control how many messages and friend requests can be sent a day by each proxy. This should be able to differ by site. Also this must be able to link to the profiles created.

I should also be able to select the number of threads to work with from the user interface.

In the user interface, I need to be able to input my username & password for my account at [url removed, login to view] ([url removed, login to view] is an automated captcha solving service).

For the decaptcher the software should be linked to [url removed, login to view] API key.

CAPTCHA Solving:

When logging into different social networking sites, they will ask for you to solve a captcha. The program should "freeze" and solve the captcha using the [url removed, login to view] credentials given in the user interface in conjunction with the [url removed, login to view] API (can be downloaded for free at [url removed, login to view] after signing up which is completely free).

Proxy Support

The program should stop using a proxy for 24 hours after an amount of friend requests have been sent out from this proxy on one site. Although the proxy can´t be used to send friend requests on one site it can on another. The maximum of friend requests on one site has to be 500 by default but can be adjusted on the User in the interface.

It should check to make sure the proxy worked, and if it didn't, it should try that same query with another proxy, and do this until it works.

Multi-Threading Support:

Everything that has been described above, has to happen SIMULTANEOUSLY using the number of selected threads in the UI.

So if I select 10 threads, it should simultaneously be working with 10 different input phrases from the input file AT THE SAME TIME. It should always have 10 live threads. Meaning I don't want it to complete the current 10 threads, and then start a new 10 threads. It needs to always be working with 10 threads, so if it finishes one thread and is down to nine threads, it should start working with another query to make it 10 again.

I will need the source code to add on more social network site in the future.


Beceriler: Her şey Kabul, Facebook Pazarlama, SEO, Sosyal Ağ, Web Scraping

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