simple project that needs to be done by sometime next week

Hello. I am in an intro java class using netbeans and have absolutely no interest in it whatsoever. I have a full course load that is much more relevant to my current degree that I need to focus on and full time job. Here is the progrram I need to write.

Program 4

Kirk’s Loopy Journey to the Sun

1- Write a program to simulate a journey to the sun by Captain Kirk. When the program is launched the Captain will be required to enter the password ST (short for Star Trek) non-case sensitive. Use a ________________________ loop construct for this, and an input dialog box.

2- After entering the correct password, he will be asked how many stationary planets to display in the night sky via an input dialog box that displays the following prompt:

“Enter Yes (not case sensitive) to display another planet”

Use a ___________________________ loop construct to display the input box. Count the number of times he enters yes. Kirk can ask for a maximum of three planets.

3- Ask him to enter the weight of each of the cargo packets he wants to deliver to the sun, a weight of -1 will end the input. Output the total and average weight of the packets to the console.

4- Next set the game board object, gb’s, background color to black using the non-static method. _______________________________________________________ .

5- Then use three______________ loop constructs to display 600 white, 200 yellow, and 100 red stars at random locations on the game board. (Nest all three of these constructs for 10 extra points). The stars will be drawn as filled ovals whose diameter is a random number between 1 and 3 at random (x, y) locations on the game board. Use an object in the class _____________________ whose seed value is 1,000,000 to generate all of the random numbers in this project.

6- Next define a class HBO (for Heavenly Body Object) that contains the six attributes (data members) of a heavenly body: its x and y coordinate location, its radius, its color, and its speed in the x and y directions. Include a 6 parameter constructor, set and get methods for all the data members, and a show method that draws the HBO object as a filled oval.

7- Declare the stationary planet(s) to be HBO objects, at random locations using random diameters between 10 and 60. Their colors will be red, blue, and gray. Draw the planet(s).

8 – Declare a yellow sun of radius 25 and a white comet of radius 1, to be HBO objects. The sun should be positioned in the center of the game board and the comet should be positioned in its upper-left corner. Draw these objects. (Note: ‘till Step 8, the comment will look like a small star.)

9- When Captain Kirk clicks the Start button, the comet will shoot diagonally across the night sky with is radius increasing as it proceeds, and the sun will become progressive larger giving Kirk the impression he is traveling towards it. Use timer 2 and 3 for this animation. Invoke the game board’s method ____________________ inside the method main to set the timer increments to an “appropriate” number of milliseconds. Its signature is:


Beceriler: Java

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