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413974 facebook application - Q & A

Job Description:

A simple questionaire showing report at the end.

1. facebook users has to make payment via Paypal. Paypal return page will activate the user for the test. Once the test is started, that means the credit will be consumed & the user cannot take the test again under any circumstances.

2. User can take the test only once. User can make payment again & take test n number of times.

3. Flow of the test will be introduction, Instructions, Sample test ( with only 4 questions each having 3 options a,b & c). User should be able to deselect the answer by clicking on the question or any other interface.

4. Test should commence only after all the questions in the sample test have been answered.

5. The questionare will be loaded via webservice from a remote server in CSV or any other simple format which can be easily parsed. Each question will have 3 options a,b & c

6. All answers should be mandatory to submit the test. Test duration has to be set i.e 90 minutes & if the user does not finish the test i.e. answer all the question, then the test will not show any report.

7. During the test user should have a option to view All Questions, All Unanswered.

8. If all questions are answered then the user input has to supplied to a webservice which will generate report values.

9. A simple report showing how the user has scored on appox 10 parameters with some exlpaination has to be displayed. For e.g. Each paramater will have scoring something like this

Parameter A

Your score = 7

0-5 Good. You have done the impossible.

5-10 Poor. Try again .

Parameter B

Your score = 9

0-5 Good. You have done the impossible.

5-10 Poor. Try again .

This report should be emailed to the email address of the User in text format ( no HTML) or any other alternate method to save the report in case email ID is not available.

Other Requirements.

Administrator can assign test to any user ID. There is no need to implement admin login etc. It can be achieved by readin the list of IDs from test file from a URL.

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