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I am interested on building a mobile and web based claim management system that is centralized for multiple users to access, create and manage concurrent instances within the system. The system will be used as a third party claim management system that will offer users from different associations the ability to log person claims. For every claim there will be different levels of process before a claim is resolved. If you have the experience of building such simple, but intricate application within a short period of time, please respond to this posting. I am interested on working with a group, rather than a solo consultant and a group that has a track record of building both mobile and web based applications.

I need someone with the experience to help advise our team throughout the development process on how to ensure we have have a more reliable, secure and very user friendly application. It is likely that I will retain the developers beyond the development and implementation phase, therefore any respondents must have the experience on providing supporting services as well. Looking forward to work with you on this project.......

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