stock market Charting software and company website

Bid for stock market Charting software and company website

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We are looking for a stock market charting /Technical analysis program.

It should be an end of day program that allows our clients to updates their data from our website / server daily. You should own the code and be able to customise the appearance of the graphics to reflect our own identity. We require a copyright or exclusive use agreement for the software in the format that you give it to us. Any legal comebacks will be to your account NOT ours. No illegal or pirated software. If there is a license fee to be paid you must inform us upfront in your bid. We would favor an option that requires no license fees or royalties. We don’t want to become enslaved to royalties and ongoing license fees; you understand where we are going on this.

We want the program to be downloadable from our company website and also in a format that we can copy onto a compact disk and give to those clients that we are in contact with. There must be a system that only allows clients with a password to download the program from our website.

We need you to design a system that will allow our clients to update the above mentioned chart programs data every day from our website. We will charge our clients a monthly fee for this service. This is how we will earn our revenue.

The system you design must accomplish the task of handling the data download we subscribe to and allowing our clients to log into our site and download the same data to update their charts etc. The company we subscribe to for this data must not be able to determine that we are reselling the data to our clients.

We are not exactly sure how this will work but we can subscribe to an end of day data provider like Reuters to get a single download of data that will load into this system then be available to our clients who login and click download. You need to design a system that is simple and automated to accomplish this daily task.

The data must cover the JSE and LSE [Johannesburg and London stock exchanges]. Reuters has a European data package that does this. You can visit their website and study it. We need you to explain in detail how you would accomplish this vital aspect of our business plan. We don’t plan to make much money selling the program to our clients but rather get the regular monthly income from subscriptions for the data download and our vital client support and training.

The program itself should be easy to use and have the normal features found in end of day stock market analysis programs which you must be familiar with. The program you offer us should include the following feature and more.

Japanese candlesticks, Bollinger bands, Stochastic indicator, Moving averages that are customisable - ie: client can chose and alter the number of days of the moving average, Fibonacci retrace, Trend lines, Charts page, quotes page and portfolio management page and so on. If you are familiar with technical analysis programs you will know what is required. We don’t expect rocket science just a good end of day program with crisp clear graphics and charts that are visually pleasing and accurate. The software must be stable with no bugs or other gremlins.

You must specify what features your program has to offer us. We need to see a working demo before committing to a bid. Please tell us how you will make this available to us.

2. Company website

We then need a company website.

It should have the following pages /functions. This is the basics of what we require and hope you will be in a position to suggest improvements to the following. It needs to be designed in a modular fashion to allow for possible future page additions or expansion.

As the stock charting / analysis program mentioned above forms an integral part of our company website they must be done together by one company. The whole thing must be seamless.

It must have the following pages / features.

Home page.

Download daily data.

Download chart software.

Download training manual.

Subscribe to daily download.

Trade online page – Links page with a simple link to our preferred online brokers. Nothing complicated.

Buy software online or order CD from us [payment gateway is included in the mlm affiliate software mentioned below. See if you can use this]

About us.

Contact page.

Update client details page.

Training news page.

Affiliate page – linked to mlm affiliate software from INETSOFTWARE DOT net/ have a look at this software and tell us if you can do the same or better or we simply use this package from them. You must be able to incorporate this into the website and make all the features work seamlessly together.

Terms and conditions page.

Tell a friend – linked to mlm program.

Frequently asked questions.


Latest news and info page.

Site map.

Email system linked to the website.

Automated 90-day training program delivering one lesson a day from date of sign up to our client by email. Simply an email sent each day automatically. We will provide all the material for this. We envisage this to be like an autoresponder system. Nothing complicated. It must have an opt out feature.

It must have a payment facility that authenticates the user and blocks clients from downloading daily data updates if they have not paid their current monthly subscription fees.

We will provide all text copy.

Content management system on all pages so we can log in ourselves and update the text and refresh the info from time to time.


We envisage the project being undertaken in two distinct stages. Firstly the Charting software and then the Company website, however because they need to work seamlessly together they need to be designed and implemented by the same company /team. You need to compile a project specification as part of your bid. We will not do this for you so please don’t ask us. Please explain the details so we can evaluate your bid against the others we receive. The more detail you included in your bid the better chance you have of working with us.

Do not simply say [“our price is $000.00 We are good, we can do it etc !!!!!!!!!”] If you do we will not even look at who you might be. OK

We need a demo of the program to properly evaluate your bid. Before final payment for the charting software we need a working copy with JSE and LSE data loaded to confirm it is functioning properly.

Please note: We will not pay for promises. We want to see the charting software program working before we will pay for anything. If it is up to the standards we expect and you have offered us then we will pay you for this stage of the project. You need to be able to give us reliable long-term after sales service. Previous experience working with this type of project will be an advantage.

You need to be able to communicate well in English. You must have examples of previous projects similar to the charting program and be able to demonstrate to us that this project is well within your ability. We will also favor a company /team that has positive recommendations and suggestions on improving the total package described above.

We have reserved the domain names.

You must bid one price for the entire project then break it down to the major components. The price must be final so that we can budget properly. No over runs, per hour extra time if needed etc. One price agreed up front and its final. This is the only fair way to work.

You should be able to suggest hosting options for this project.

We will pay you via the escrow system on this site.

This project comes with a limited initial budget.

When bidding please consider the long-term relationship that we are offering the successful bidder. Thank you for your interest in our project.


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