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Meditationsession - English to Italian

The text (around 1.650 words) for a meditation session should be translated from English to Italian language. We will prefer an offer which is made from a person who's mother language is Italian.

The text should not only be translated ! Some sentences contains suggestive sentences in English which could not be translated 1:1 to Italian without loosing their "Imaginations" for the listener.

E.g. the sayingwhich have the rhyme "SYOGRA a day keeps the doctor away" could not be translated 1:1 into Italian language. We expect some proposals for this.


- I feel the soft warmth on my back and my stomach, as if I am lying on a beach by the sea on a wonderful day, and the sun is shining on my body.

- After the massage, my spine is more flexible and straight and I walk more upright and more confidently throughout the day.

- Smile ! – smiling is a sign of vitality which you pass on to yourself and others.

- SYOGRA brings Health and Happiness back to your home

- SYOGRA a day keeps the doctor away !

- I say YES to SYOGRA

- SYOGRA the SUN (shine) of your Life !

- I feel HEALTHier and HEALTHier every day !

- Like the warm SUN let all life grow – the warm SYOGRA LIGHT let grow my health !

Remarks for the translation:

a) Use POSITIVE words only

b) Use words which creates POSITIVE pictures in the minds of the listener

Words with negative associations will bring the clients in a worser state especially if these words are negated, like “have less pain”.

It is easy for the client just to remember the negative word “pain” and to having “less” from something is a shortage/lack.

Everbody want to have “MORE” (instead less) e.g. “MORE HAPPINESS”


Please explain how you are be qualified to make this translation, thanks

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