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Writing short explanations for 150 answers of an IQ test.

I have 150 questions with answer to an intelligence test.

Now I need to give a short explanation maybe 2 to 5 sentences for each question, making clear why an answer is correct.

I am willing to spend up to $100.

You have to write perfect English a follow a certain style in your explanations. Here are some examples:

Which of the relationships below resembles the given relationship closest?

Girlfriend is to boyfriend as:

Wife is to husband - same

Cat is to dog

Cat is to horse

Uncle is to cousin

Aunt is to uncle


Girlfriend boyfriend are the same kind but opposite gender.

Wife and husband are also the same kind but opposite gender.

111332 is to EEERRM as 223131 is to:







1 represents an E

3 represent an R

2 represents M

If you put the letters in this 223131 you get MMRERE.

Which of the relationships below resembles the given relationship closest?

School is to learn as:

Church is to pray

Tea is to coffee

Tea bar is to tea

Tea is to sugar

Winning is to tennis court

School a place where you do the activity of learning just as

church is the place where you do the activity of praying.

What is the closest relation between the two terms below?

frog and salamander

both are animals

both are mammals

both are frogs

both are amphibians

both are slow

Both are animals is true.

Both are mammals is false.

Both are frogs is false.

Both are amphibians is true.

Both are slow is subjective but probably true.

But being slow ore being an animals is much less specific than being an amphibian, which is a group of animals that live both an the water as well as on land.

Which number is next in sequence:

15 25 45 85 ?

This is a series of number contructed accordino to the following formula:

*2 -5

Thus 15 *2 -5 = 25

25 *2 -5 = 45

45 *2 -5 = 85

85 *2 -5 = 165

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