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Bengali Paragraph Annotation-2

Job Description:

We are looking for:

Native speakers who can read & write the text. You will be given images where the objective is to create a box over every "paragraph" found on the image and create a reading order of the paragraphs. Also to annotate labels like List of items, Text with title, form input etc.


- Expected time/annotation - 30 seconds per annotation

- Quality Expectation - 95%+ (Based on a sample of 3%)

- Budget - INR130 - INR140/hour (Average time/annotation should not exceed 30 seconds)

- Special Bonus - After successful completion of all the milestones by achieving the above metrics you are eligible for a bonus amount of $20(one-time payment)

- In total there will be 5 milestones and eligibility to qualify for the next milestone depends on the quality & average handling time achievement. For e.g. if in Milestone 1 you achieve the quality of 90% vs 95% target, you will not be awarded the next milestone.

Training Process:

Assessment : 10-15 min(Qualifier)

Classroom Training : 2 hrs

English Test : 10-15 min(2 attempts, 95% is the qualifier)

Training English Queue : 1 hrs(95% Quality is the qualifier)

Language specific training queue : 1.5 hrs(95% Quality is the qualifier)

In total 5 hours of training & assessment time is expected. Training payment will be made prorated along with different milestones.

Rules to follow:

The goal of this task is to create a box over every text (paragraph) found on the image.

Paragraph simply means a group of lines or sentences which we read together or individual words present in the images.

In this task we have 5 annotations


Paragraph, Partially visible

Paragraph, text is unreadable

Reading Order

Do Not Care (DNC)

Interface of the tool:

- Numbers/annotation will be actively tracked

- Total time spent on the tool will be captured


- Tech Mahindra NDA Signed (This will be issued later in the project)

- Passed Initial annotation Review

Milestones and deadlines:

- Deadline: 4 weeks (from awarding time)

- The project will be open until 25th June 2022, at which point all work must stop and the project will be closed, not matter where you are in the annotation process (unless we specify otherwise during the project)

- The project will take on four phases per freelancer, each freelancer will need to complete their current milestone before moving onto the next milestone, attempting to complete the three milestones before the deadline. (You will be assessed on your current milestone, and will only receive a new milestone if you are successful in the current milestone)

1. Milestone 1 - 10 hours

2. Milestone 2 - 25 hours

3. Milestone 3 - 25 hours

4. Milestone 4 - 25 hours

5. Milestone 4 - 25 hours

All milestones will be released upon completion of mentioned hours with the required number of annotations. The employer will release milestones within 72 hours of the above conditions being met.

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