Freestyle Rap - Videographer Needed

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I am searching for a talented videographer who can help me bring my freestyle rap vlogs to life. The vlogs will aim to capture the reactions of the audience as I freestyle rap in various public locations, echoing the video style of Harry Mack on YouTube.

Key Responsibilities:

* Shooting in various locations including streets, parks, and other public places.

* Handling all technical aspects of video recording.

* Bringing creativity and a visionary approach to conceptualize and execute the vlogs.

Skills and experiences required:

* Strong technical knowledge of video recording equipment, as I currently do not own any.

* Previous experience in shooting and editing vlogs, ideally in the music genre.

* Ability to travel to different shooting locations.

* Adaptability to work in public areas and flexible schedules.

* Exceptional creative acumen and a keen eye for details.

This is a really cool thing to be apart of! The energy that is created is something that makes it enjoyable every time. For videographers who enjoy capturing in live action, this is it!

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