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Brief Description: Demonstration of the "Family Locator: GPS Tracker" app features in a real-life situation, where a girl uses the SOS and Watch Over Me functions due to suspicious actions by a taxi driver.


Main actor: A young, beautiful European girl;

Location: Taxi in an urban setting;

Video format: 16:9;

Camera used: Any modern camera.

Full Description:

Shot 1: The girl gets into a taxi, preoccupied with her phone, not paying attention to her surroundings. The camera shows her comfortably settling into the back seat.

Shot 2: The camera captures the driver, who starts behaving oddly, deviating from the planned route. The shot shows the girl beginning to get nervous, noticing this change.

Shot 3: A close-up of the girl's hands as she quickly takes out her phone and opens the "Family Locator: GPS Tracker" app. She presses the SOS button and activates the Watch Over Me feature. (The phone screen always shows a green screen, and the girl should press the numbers indicated on the green screen, in the top left corner and the center of the screen).

Shot 4: The final shot, where the girl feels relief after sending the notification. The camera focuses on her face, expressing gratitude and a sense of security thanks to the app.

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