Need 5000 new paid signs-up (White hat only)

I need 5000 new paid sign-ups to my new website!

I have a new specialized dating website, for serious dating singles only, who don't care to pay to get access to a site with a high level of security, with a lot of high quality dynamic dating tools and to interact with verified members profiles, photos and videos. This site is already unbeatable for the security, the quality of the features(and beleive me there is three times more features than any other dating sites), but I only miss the members. Now this is the part that you are concern.

Each new member get a 14 days full access to all features of the site. After that they will need to renew to the standard paid membership, at 19.99 USD/monthly.

You will probably find your requirements more strict than any other dating site, but it's the only way to guaranty verified profiles, photos and videos, as well as the most secure dating site. That will be the reason why serious daters will be happy to pay a reasonable monthly fee! So here it is!!

Requirements for all new members( so you should do pre-select or pre-sale):

- Originate from a unique class C IP address.

- Must have a valid credit card for the 19.99$/monthly fee(after the 14 days trial).

- They must stay a member of the site for a minimum of 14 days.

- Be from those region of the world: North America, Europe, Australia, South Africa and all ex-URSS countries or territories.

- Must accept to upload at least 2 high quality photos(+/- 1mb/pict.).

- Must accept to use a/v tools to interact with other members(no permanent webcam disabled, not even most of the time as it need to be at least 75% active webcam to ensure a high level of security).

- Must accept to pass a quick audio/video chat ID verification session with one of my representatives, in english or french only(it will be soon in the seven languages of the site). This is to verify there real identity and address, by presenting two recent official ID card (they must have picture on each).

- Must allow cookies.

Restrictions for the promotion winner:

- Absolutely no SPAM, for any reason.

- No entering the sign-up yourself, all sign-ups must be from the CC holder themselves and from a unique IP address.

- White hat method only.

- You must bid on a per sign-up base, ex.: 1$/each sign-up.

- Due to the increasing credit card fraud and the potential for fraudulent sign-ups a 30/70 split on payout should be expected. Example: if you generate 100 sign-ups and bid $1 you should expect a payment of $30 7 days after the renew there membership and $70, 14 days after they renew there membership and the validation of the member(a/v ID/address validation), usually within the same 14 days.

- It is recommended that IP address be tracked on your end, as full stats on each visitor and sign-up are tracked and archived on my end.

- I must receive your references by PM (aka feedback on GAF)

- CRITICAL CONDITION: Confidential discloser of promotion techniques must be laid out in advance along with blue print of how you plan to accomplish the project. Saying "I'm a pro and I can help" in your bid will get you nowhere, please be detailed in a PM. And don't worry, I'm not here to learn how to do promotion on signs-up as I absolutely have no time for that.

After a successful campaign by the winner expect talks of continuing the relationship and potentially working deals up to few 100,000 sign-ups over the course of time - along with future marketing projects as we will continuously add new advance features, as well as new ways of clearing payments and as well as new languages.

I'm a legitimate business owner and expect the same from the bidder - integrity is critical and key to a long term relationship.

Website will be made available to potential candidates, no adult content, gambling, warez, illegal activities or content that can be perceived as unprofessional or illicit is promoted on or by my dating site.

All personal data on each members will be kept on an encrypted database server and will never be displayed anywhere, as well as nerver shared or selled to any other companies.

Thank you and good luck!



After I received few quotes, it seem ovious that I need to clarify few things. So here it is:

1. You have to find new paid members for my new select dating site.

2. Each new member will get a 14 days free trial to start. After that delay, if he renew as paid member, I will need to wait an other 14 days in order to ensure that no refund request will be made and also to protect my company from fraudulent peoples(from visitors refered). Finaly, you will then get paid for each member'spayment cleared by Paypal, as some members might pay with Paypal e-check. I accept also those payments for now to get more new members, but if I found there is too much e-check failing from funding, I will disable the e-check payment possibility.

3. To give the best guarantee possible for both sides, we will proceed by 200 paid signs-up at a time. So if I'm not satisfied by the service you give me, I will stop this contract with you. If you are not satisfied for any reason, you will be able to stop the service too. In that case, we will both need to write the reasons why to the other. By proceeding that way, you will start to get money faster and on a more regular base, each two weeks. So in clear you must count about 42 days to count on receiving the first payment for the first 200 signs-up.

4. The commission I will pay for each qualified paid signs-up(new paid members) will be a one time 35% of the 19.99 USD fee. This is 1399.30 USD in your pocket for each 200 new paid members.

5. To give an other guarantee and proove the serious of my request, I will deposit 500 USD in escrow as soon as I will choose the service provider.

6. I pay a high commission, above the average in dating industry, because the site database contain only few members for now, but it will increase rapidely as I also have a good affiliate program where I give 20% of the recuring monthly fee.

7. I will send the url of the site to the winner.

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