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Web-scraping for data collection purposes

1. The data is located at [url removed, login to view] This website is the home for the Advanced Bill Summary and Status Search. The congresses I need are 106-110 which can be found by clicking on the tabs at the top of the page. I'll start with the 106th Congress as an example.

2. First click on the 106 tab. Then scroll down to the heading "stage in the legislative process". From here, select "resolving differences - house actions", "resolving differences - senate actions," and "to conference." Then click the "Or" button under the combine multiple sections with: heading. This tells the search engine to pull up all legislation from the 106th Congress that went to any of these three things. Then, go down to "type of bill" and uncheck "all bills" and check "public bills". Click search.

3. This now pulls up a list of bills which meet the search criteria. For the 106th, there are 176 bills. First, skip any bills that are NOT H.R. or S. type. This means I don't need bills that say H.CON., [url removed, login to view], etc. To get the data I need, click on the bill number (H.R. or S.) This takes you into the bill summary page. From here, click on "Major Congressional Actions."

4. When the "Major Congressional Action" comes up, I need to know whether it says "Resolving differences" (it can be either House actions or Senate actions, it doesn't matter), or whether it says anything about a conference committee. If the bill went to a conference, it will say something like conference report filed, conference report agreed to etc.

5. There are three possible situations. A bill will have some conference action, it will have some resolving differences action, or it will have both. Also, I need to know if the bill became public law and the public law number. This information can either be found at the end of the congressional actions, at the top of the page under "last major action" or in the search list under "last major action." In an excel spreadsheet, I need some number codes that indicate which it was. For example, every bill that went to conference might get a 1, every bill that was resolving differences a 2, and every bill that was both a 3. The identifier in rows is bill number, the first column is conference or amendment trading or both, the second column is public law number if there is one.

6. I need this done for the 106, 107, 108, 109, 110 Congresses.

I want to see a small sample of the work before I agree to a contract. Also, there is the possibility for additional work.

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