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ONE could get you FOUR:


Please, read this bid carefully and completely. This one bid can turn into (3 or 4) immediate projects. I been trying for sometime to establish a remote relationship with some “graphic web designers, and website builders”. I had a good relationship going but they lost there main source of work. Thus apparently they experienced financial problems and are no longer are available. They did good work, but I would have liked to have seen better graphics work. They were reliable, and good at communicating. They were located in India, and I am open to other Indian firms. I have also been contracted by Indian brokers and frankly I am not big on brokers.

I have this project you are about to read about, and several more that would immediately follow. I have two additional under contract, and three more pending. Therefore, this relationship is a great opportunity for the right web person or team. I would like to sell more websites.

I require that the web team have the following:

- A good understanding of how United States website look. The color schemes, designs, layouts.

- That they be able to produce the design, and final product with in the agreed upon time, on a regular basis.

- Understand we are going after the small business website market. Not mega corporate sites.

- That they understand English (we have AIM, Skype, and yahoo messenger.) prefer skype for voice, and aim for writing conversations.

- I expect e-mail sent are responded to no later then 24 hours.

- Do not make promises you can not keep and be truthful.

- Be understanding that I am often a middle man, and if a client doesn’t like something we both have to work together to make it right. I also understand the designers need to make money!

Contract will be terminated if:

a) You can not complete the assignment to with a good design, on budget, and on time. If client holds up content –we do not hold you responsible- however once the clients provides required content you must complete project accordingly.

b) You can not contact our clients to hire you directly. We are you sales and support team.

c) You can not raise your prices for similar projects without giving us 30 days notice to adjust bids to clients. We deal with small United States family owned business that do not have large sums of money.

NOTE: we are not prejudice of age, nation, sex, or religious beliefs. We request you be the same. We do not at this time do adult sites, nor plan to.


*** we always pay what we owe as we expect our team to produce what is agreed ***

1) We prefer to pay via paypal, or directly via getafreelancer. We may consider other payment methods as you have needs.

2) First time relationships (from GAF) we escrow 1/3 of the money agreed. If requested. We do pay our obligations. We expect to receive product.

3) We pay 1/3 during work

4) We pay 1/3 at completion

5) We pay final 1/3 after we receive master files (including photoshop files, etc) and client is satisfied. You will have to upload it to our server.

a. We keep our client informed shortly after you begin work.

b. We provide pdfs of layout drawings client may prefer or prefers.

c. We often provide website links to sites client has seen elements on they link.

d. We let our clients make major changes up to a point.

e. If client adds additional major items you will receive additional compensation.

f. We do our best to be fair and require you also to be reasonable.

g. ::::::::READ :::::::::: We pay bonuses of between $20 USD to $100 USD based on many factors. This may be paid on ONE or after several projects are completed well. We feel a happy web team will do better work.

-What we don’t like-

We dislike when we provide drawings, site concepts, and/or links to websites and the design created is no where near what was provided.

Special note: If you can not produce a design or website similar to what is provided please be respectful and honest a in form of us of this. We maybe able to work out the issue, if not you maybe involved in help finding someone who can.

- feed back-

We will leave bad/poor feed back the fastest for the following three items:

A) Not communicating, e-mailing, and responding. We will communicate with you, and are understanding. Be honest, be up front is what we require. DO NOT LIE.

B) Changing the price significantly

C) Not delivering the website on the time frame.

D) Exceed or meet our expectations and we will do all we can to help you build your business.

E) We want long term relationships with honest people.

If you are the “English speaking” broker, or middleman please state it in your bid. We need to know how much control, influence you have over the design team. We find brokers, middleman often are at the mercy of there designers. If you have a strong relationship with your team we will not worry.

- Pricing and Bidding -

We usually have a price in mind for our project. In some cases European clients, UK, and German, have a hard time biding do to exchange rates. All bids are required to be in US. We do want quality, and we are flexible to a point.

- We have multi-projects pending-

If you like a chance at one of those and are willing to do “ drawings, designs, psds, or the site to show us your work” We will post an exclusive GAF bid for you. We like to have as many team members as possible. Our goal is to have tons and tons of United States work for a good reliable team of designers. We have the work, we need the team.


This PROJECT: Mobile Car/vehicle mechanic website (automotive)


Graphics and images will relate to the following, we have included links to definitions for those whose first language is not English or use to terms of the United States:

() Fleet vehicles : [url removed, login to view]

() automotive mechanic: [url removed, login to view]

(united states)

() On-site mechanic: In most United States cities and overseas communities your car/truck/vehicle mechanic has a shop/garage they work from. Our client has specially equipped vehicles that go to where the vehicle is located. Repairing the vehicle where is. This is a upgraded service compared to traditional mechanics.

() Typical images:

Wrenches, tools, mechanics working on cars.

-images we will provide:

- Images of the clients vehicles

- images of the clients logo

- image of the client working on vehicle

Images related to mechanics: [url removed, login to view];Cache=89409576&page=2 We are willing to purchase images or you can locate images similar to these. We will provide images as many as possible to assist you. Images may need to be edited in photoshop prior to use.

- a PDF of the clients brochure (this is information about the client) excluding there contact phone number, address.)

- mailers, flyers of to help you get ideas.

We do not want into-flash, but may like flash or something similar on the main pages or header image to make the website appear to be top quality.

Not including our fee to the client:

Client is looking to spend $300- and a bit more.

Our average website will be $250 to $450 ($300)

(note: we will seek out more complex and bigger projects if we have a good design team. We need to be confident in you before we risk too much.)

Our average 7 page website with two of those being -landing pages- (contact pages that are designed pages not just a contact form)

Defined: [url removed, login to view];defl=en&q=define:Landing+Page&sa=X&oi=glossary_definition&ct=title

() includes: often some movement, rolling images, flash, layout, and imagery are import.

() Layout maybe done in Photoshop, but prefer that it is exported into Dreamweaver or golive and text and other eliments added there for good search engine optimization.

No content script sites (CMS) please.




Question: How will you select a Bidder?


a) Bidder must state in his PM to us that they accept our terms and conditions.

b) Bidder must provide a fair bid, and/or be willing to provide sample of website.

c) Bidder must state what Time Zone, country, they are in. (we do not judge)

d) Bidder must state they want to do more then this one


Where will the website be hosted?


We have server space available for sampling the site and for hosting it.


DO you have any other projects?


Yes, I do have two definet project, and other needs.


We will keep this auction open for as many as (30) days, during that time if you like to work on a website home page or site and present it we will be open to it. We will not use any website without compensating the design team.

Please show us at least 10 links to work you have done or produce a sample for us or you will not be selected. We need to see you can do this work regularly at a good quality.

How do I get the images, and information to work from for a sample?


You can request images, and materials to help you put together a sample in your pm.

PLEASE USE PMS, and leave me detailed messages.


THIS IS FOR ONE WEBSITE ONLY. Our clients price range is from $100 to $300 with possible bonus of $20.00 to $100.00. We will automatically ignore any bids over $400.00. This is a chance at many websites. We are looking for quality work, at fair prices.

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