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515845 Music Website needed ASAP-Professionals only

I need a website all the information is below serious inquiries only

Budget is only $300 at the time dont over bid.

Home page

I would like a search on the right or left

where there are options to put

When they type in the search box, it populates a list closest to the words they searched.

City (i think should be optional)

State ( a list of US states + puerto rico)

10, 20, 30, 40, 50,60 miles from ZIP CODE ENTREE (optional)

And a search button, after they click search

a list is populated of event flyer thumbnails

with event names

Distance, dates, and location

Listed by date

Recently posted events (if possible)

Is populated by events local to the guest or logged in users IP ADDRESS at or zip code (if im from ny but my ip is reading im in miami because of vacation, the events that pop up on recently posted events are miami events) Clickable thumbnails above the thumbnail is event name, below is location


Registration (*denotes a mandatory field) (Email address will be login name)



Address* (verified by api)

Phone number

Cell Phone number* (text message verification)

Email Address* (email verification)

Company/Organization Name


Preference - HIP-HOP, HOUSE, DUBSTEP, POP, ALTERNATIVE, ROCK, R&B, TECHNO, R&B, JAZZ, LIVE, OTHER (if other is chosen they have to denote what other is) - this helps us populate a list of events they may like



Facebook Link


Event planners Post

I want them to be able to put up max of 3 pictures of their flyer and it translates into a thumbnail

Event Name

Event Venue

Event Location (Full address a real address checked by an api)

Music Type (Check boxes and allow up to 4 selections)

HIP-HOP, HOUSE, DUBSTEP, POP, ALTERNATIVE, ROCK, R&B, TECHNO, R&B, JAZZ, LIVE, OTHER (if other is chosen they have to denote what other is)

Age: 15+ 16+ 17+ 18+ 19+ 20+ 21+ 22+ 23+ 24+ 25+ 26+ 27+ 28+ 29+ 30+

Contact Twitter

Contact number

Contact Email (For confirmation list when ticket sales are closed)

Amount of tickets (a max number of tickets they will allow for presale)

Ticket Price (A ticket price in USD that they can change throughout the duration of the sales more demand, they more they can charge less demand etc they control the pricing)

Deadline (They input a day that must be at least a day before the event, of the final sales.. this translate into a countdown clock that the customers see when they visit the event site)

Event information (500 characters or less)


Customer View

When they View an event

The Bigger Version of the event flyer/ advertisement is displayed

with the event name in big font, and the date of the event underneath followed by the venue and location address (if possible the distance from the logged in user because I am going to request users to input full address or zip)

And a GetTix box to click so they can purchase a ticket (with the time left to buy tickets countdown clock near it very slim & smooth looking)

The event info below that

and a list of "events like this one" With similar attributes

and then a list of "Events Near you" with a list of events near them


When Purchased

I want a printable ticket with our logo on the header & a custom number for each purchaser

underneath the header.. we put the event name or organization name

I want a confirmation email sent to them in their email

and A confirmation text sent to their cell phone (they must enter it when purchasing the ticket in order to simplify the process)

I want a list to be generated of each persons name and custom ticket number (s) and at the end of the countdown that list is emailed to the event planner i.e(Steve Manny - CV30J8839 - ***-***-4735) those last digits display the last 4 of their cell number for verification purposes at the door

The fine print on the ticket will be given to you later


User profile for Event planners/Purchasers (everyone has the same options incase non event planners one day have an event)

They can see their ticket sale count

They can see their previous events

They have the option to post a new event

And they can see gallery and video from their previous event

also they can check their messages from us

Change information

Edit events (prices, amount of tickets available, pictures, etc any updates to the event will go to any ticket holder's email address)

User profile for Ticket Purchasers

Purchasers see

Their recently purchased tickets

Events they might like

(matched up to their previous choices in location, music type, age group etc)


Event Media posts

It should have a thumbnail of one of the photos, and the name of the event and event date… clickable into a gallery

it should have a list and they can go through it for old events…

Should have a way to upload a bunch of photo files from the event

and below that a video's category in which you can embed youtube videos, or vimeo videos, if possible SkipitTV where they can upload directly to the site

Editable by the event planner, and the website admins


Calendar is optional for now.


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