E-assessment application developed in Visual [url removed, login to view] (ASP.

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Application works on the eric server

Registered users should be able to login, by entering their email and password.

New users should be able to register.

Users should be able to take a test.

User should be able to view their score at the end of a test.

Users should be able to view their test history.

Users should be able to edit their personal details, and personalize aspects of the presentation (e..g background colour and font); such user settings will be stored in the database.

The application displays a progress bar, so users know how far in the test they are (e.g. item 7 out of 40).

Tests are timed, and users are informed about how much time they have left.

The order in which item key(s) and distractor(s) are presented is randomized.

Cascading style sheets are used to support the separation between presentation and content.

users should be able to choose a test from a list of available tests.

users should be able to view the correct responses at the end of the test.

users should be to view and modify previous responses.

The test is configurable by, for example, reading an XML file. The features to be configured can include: list of topics covered, number of per items per topic, time per item.

The application has been developed using the code-behind model.

The database provider is SQL Server 2005 (as supported by the eric server).

A basic schema for your project would be:

Student (StudentID, Email, Password, LastName, FirstName, PreferredName)

Test (TestID, TestDescription)

Item (ItemID, Stem, Option1, Option2, Option3, Option4, IsKey1, IsKey2, IsKey3, IsKey4)

ItemInTest (ItemID*, TestID*)

StudentInTest (StudentID*, TestID*, StartOfTest, EndOfTest, FinalScore)

This schema can be enhanced by you to support additional features of your system. For example, in order to be able to estimate the plausibility of a distractor, you will need to process student responses to items. You will need an additional entity for this, something like:

StudentResponse (StudentID*, TestID*, ItemID*, StartOfTest, TimeStamp, Option1Selected, Option2Selected, Option3Selected, Option4Selected)

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