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514596 Windows-based software to retrieve and print targeted email

This application will periodically poll a specific email account, identify newly arrived emails and if they meet specific constraints, print the body of the email to a designated printer or printers on the local PC.

The following information must be configurable by the end user:

in an account configuration file.

1. Email address

2. email server and passwords

for Pop3 or INAP mail server polling.

3. printer or printers to which the emails must be sent for immediate printing

The application must be able to identify every printer on the local

machine or local network and allow it to be designated as an email printer.

4. Delete or don't delete emails once successfully printed.

5. Polling frequency. Check the email account every X minues or X seconds

e.g. every minute or every 30 seconds for example

A separate filter configuration file must be used to determine which

emails are retrieved and printed. Filters to use for identifying target emails are:

1. From email contains specific email address


EmailFrom=joe@[url removed, login to view]

2. Subject line contains one or more text strings





SubjectContains="this string includes spaces"

3. custom header line is present and contains

a specific text string


CustomHeader="X-ThisIsMyHeader: something goes here"

All filters must be true for the email to be printed. If even

one of them is not true, the email must not be printed.

Not all filters must be used. It is possible that the filter configuration file will only contain two or three lines. Here are a few examples of legal filter configuration files:

# Example 1. This is a comment line

EmailFrom = joe@[url removed, login to view]

SubjectContains = Order

SubjectContains = joesplace-33884-houston-texas

#Example 2

EmailFrom = sam2288@[url removed, login to view]

CustomHeader="X-EmailPrint: 22334455"

In the first example the application prints all emails from]

joe@[url removed, login to view] which contain the strings "Order" and

"joesplace-33884-houston-texas" in the subject line.

In the second example the application prints all emails

from sam2288@[url removed, login to view] which contain

the custom header line:

X-EmailPrint: 22334455

In the latter case both the customer header name and its content

must be specified. The header line

X-EmailPrint: 9988776655

should not print, since the numbers do not match the

custom header defined in example 2.

Note that only one filter configuration file is needed and only

one set of filters is required.


The application must poll the email account according to its

configured polling period and test for newly arrived emails.

There may be more than one target email

and all must be identified and retrieved.

Once an email is identified for printing the body of the

email must be printed to all designated printer or printers.

The body will be HTML text

Only the body should be printed. No header information should be printed.

If successfully printed, the email should be deleted if the

application is configured to do so.

The application, its configuration files and installation script must

use a standard installation process so end users can easily install it

on their PCs.

The application should only allow for configuration of the

account configuration file. the Filter configuration file

will be preconfigured before it is distributed to each end user.

This allows the distributor to control which emails will print

on the end user's system.

Once the application is installed and launched, it should be

automatically restarted if the system reboots.

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