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Punnett Square Calculator

Develop a GUI punnett square calculator to be installed as one of four components of a horse breeding software program.

The punnett square calculator should be able to handle 19 seperate allele pairs some of which are designated by multiple letters. End user allele pair entry may be designed to be typed in single or multiple text boxes as the programmer sees fit. The complete list of alleles to be used for this project are posted at: [url removed, login to view]

Calculator should perform crosses, accept ? for unknown as an allele character and calculate likleyhood of each offspring genotype from parental crossings.

The project may be coded in any language that the programmer desires provided it runs well on windows 95-XP.

A java based punnett calculator that almost does what we need for this project is posted at: [url removed, login to view]

The only drawbacks to this app are that it does not allow the entry of enough alleles for this application and does not allow multiple letter designation of alleles.

The finished program will have the following main components:

(This project involves only #3 of the list below.)

1. A straightforward illustrated introduction/tutorial to genetics and heredity as they relate to horse coat color.

2. A comprehensive if then sequence to help the breeder determine the phenotype and probable genotype of a given horse.

3. A punnett square calculator to calculate offspring trait probabilities.

4. An illustrated interpretation guide and color/pattern naming glossary conforming to major horse registry definitions and coordinated with matching phenotypes.

The entire package will be marketed to as a tool for horse breeders.

We are willing to accept cash bids or per sale royalty bids.

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