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I already have this streaming flash video player setup and working with my streaming service, VitalStream. I created this and skinned this all on my own with the Flash FLVPlayback components so I like the simplicity of it compared to complex components and what not, which seem not to always work and are buggy, I know because I have tried them, so finally I just made my own. However, one of the most important things is that I need a high quality XML thumbnail playlist built for it that loads in thumbnails on each playlist item panel in the list, and populates the playlist through XML, which is easy for myself or a client to edit to add / remove video.

Here is what I have (contact me and I will give you a link to download the files, I don't want anyone to download my files for security reasons):

[url removed, login to view]

-It must be an XML playlist that works with the streaming video player I have made. The items in the playlist, when selected must load the proper video file into the player from my streaming server (rtmp address is in the XML files provided). You can use any .flv files you choose to show examples. You can just set up a playlist to the right of the player.

-Made so that I or a client can just update the XML file and it will populate the playlist automatically, with the proper descriptions and thumbnails.

-Must populate a thumbnail and short description on the playlist items. These playlist ITEMS / graphics must be skinnable so in that respect, that part must remain in flash probably. This thumbnail is just a small thumbnail preview image of the video, static image. I must be able to rescale / resize this playlist, change the graphics, etc.

-Essentially the playlist must be able to be resized / scaled to any width, or height as many of my project will call for custom designs and sizes.

-I need this playlist built in two different versions, horizontal and vertical orientation. This is for different design cases, when different option might be needed.

-There must be an autoscroll feature that reveals a scroll bar for scrolling the playlist items when more is added, therefore, if the playlist is maksed and there are more playlist items than you can see, then a scrollbar bust appear so that you can scroll through the playlist. If not a scroll bar, just a vertical scroll on mouseOver is fine, or both is prefered. Or if there are not enough items, the list obviously doesn't scroll, it appears at though there are just playlist items / thumbnails that you can click on.

-I don't want to see any of the dynamic playlist tutorial files from Adobe!!! Believe me , I know what's out there and I want to see good quality work. I am paying someone to do an excellent job and create this playlist from scratch. I am a flash designer, and graphic designer, but I am not quite proficient enough in programming to do such a task as I am asking for. I don't want to just see a list with no thumbnails. It must be playlist items with a description and thumbnail image just like described above.

-Option to play next video in playlist automatically or on demand.

-Option to autoplay or not, so that either the video starts playing automatically or it doesn't.

-IF you notice the example url I provided above, it is synchronized video with graphics and text synced to the right of the video. I created this with CUE points. IF AT ALL POSSIBLE, I need this whole project built as a second version where everything, including the newly created playlist works with cue points. So if I select a different video in the playlist it can play a video with cue points (probably embedded into video), and it will sync with the navigation and everything else, just like it does now.

-Also, I need an fullscreen option. Here's an example, click the fullscreen button.

[url removed, login to view]

Here is an example of a good playlist. I HAVE ALREADY purchased this component and it's great but I am having major issues with component bugs that aren't fixed yet by the company and I can't stall off any more time! This must be done good, even if it takes a little time and as long as I am not waiting for that company to facilitate my needs, who knows when they will fix it. (click on the second example on this page to see playlist):

[url removed, login to view]

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