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How Long Do I Have to Choose a Winning Design?

When you post a contest, you would have to choose the number of days you want it to run. On the Start a Contest page, you can indicate the number of days before clicking Get Entries Now.

The longer your contest runs, the more entries you receive from freelancers. Unrushed, you will have more time to review and make an informed decision.

If you’re not too thrilled with delaying the contest, you can choose to lessen the number of days.

If you’re really pressed for time and need the design right away, it might interest you to know that the Urgent upgrade allows for faster response time on the part of the contestants. With this upgrade, you will get your winning design in a day or two.

It’s only $35 USD for expediting the process. Your contest will also be automatically changed to Guaranteed.


Design entries come in almost as soon as you post your contest. You can choose a winner at any time once the contest is active and up to 30 days after it ends.

For more information about awarding a contest, please read this article.

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