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Deposit invoice

You can view and download your deposit invoice from your Transaction History page. Your Transaction History page is also where you will be able to see your deposits and other account transactions.


Click your profile picture thumbnail from the main menu bar and choose Transaction History under Finances to be directed to the page.


On that page, you will see the dates, descriptions, and amounts of your transactions. Processing fees for deposits will be listed as separate transactions from the actual deposits, as shown below.


Deposit transactions



To view the invoice of your deposit, click the  pdf_icon  icon next to it. Just right click on the invoice, and click Save as... to download it. You can also utilize your browser's download_icon icon for that.


Here is a sample invoice:



1.  Bill From.’s billing details as you are depositing to your account


2.  Bill To. Your billing details, which you may edit on your Profile Details page


3.  For. The purpose of the amount being charged from your payment source


4.  Description. Deposit description and transaction ID


5.  Amount. The amount charged to your payment source


6.  Other details. Invoice number, transaction date, and currency of the transaction


Note that if you have an active billing agreement, your payment source will be charged automatically to cover for incurred fees if your account balance is insufficient.


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