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Credit / debit card authentication

Card authentication is different from card verification. Verification is merely adding a card as a payment method, while authentication is proving that you own the card.


Before starting the authentication process, make sure you have at least 2 USD left in your card’s limit or balance. We will trigger a fee amounting to 0-2 USD (or equivalent) to your card, which should reflect in your card transaction history or statement instantly or up to 3 days. You must enter the exact amount in the Authentication page within 88 hours from the time you initiated card authentication for it to be successful.



1. Click your profile picture thumbnail from the main menu bar, and choose Settings.


2. Select the Trust & Verification tab.


3. Scroll down and click the Authenticate Credit or Debit Card button.


4. Select a card that you want to authenticate. This applies when you have multiple cards on your account.


 5.  Your card will be charged in the same currency as your Billing Agreement. You may choose to change it, but make sure to select a currency that your card supports.


 6. When you are ready to authenticate, click Authenticate Card.


7. Click Yes on the confirmation modal to proceed.


8. Check your online bank statement or transaction history to know the exact amount charged for authentication.

If your card is not enrolled in an online facility or the amount differs from the currency you set for authentication, get the correct amount from your bank.

9. Enter the exact authentication amount in the text field.
You are allowed three (3) attempts.


10. Click Authenticate.




Authentication via card images

If your authentication attempt fails, you may choose to undergo authentication by sending your card’s front and back images.

While still in the authentication page, choose the card that you wish to authenticate. Click the click here link just above the Authenticate Card button to be directed to the page where you can securely upload your card images.  

Image authentication

You can use your webcam to take photos of your card or manually upload the photos you have taken. Make sure you display only the last 4 digits of your card number and hide your CVV number.


Once submitted, it should be reviewed and authenticated within 1-2 business days.

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