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How to Change my Bid Amount for a Project

Changing your bid amount before the project is awarded

Your bid is an essential part of any project you would like to work on. This is, after all, the amount that you would agree to be paid for the work that you do. After you place a bid on a project, you can still change it. Simply go to the project’s page and locate your bid. On its right side, click Edit Bid.

You will be taken to the form where you can update the details of your bid. You will also have the option to upgrade your bid. Once done, simply click Update Bid, and your bid will be immediately updated.


Changing your bid amount after the project is awarded

If you and your employer come to a new arrangement after the project is awarded and accepted, you can still change your bid. Just go to the project's page and click Change My Bid.

You’ll then see a form where you can indicate the new amount and duration for the project. Enter the new bid amount and duration or deadline and click Submit Request.


Will my employer be notified about the request to modify my bid?

Yes. Your employer will receive an email and Dashboard notification requesting their confirmation for the change that you requested. Once they accept the change bid request, your bid will be changed.


Will I be notified about the status of the change bid request?

Yes. Once the employer confirms the change, you will receive a notification on your account, and you will immediately see the change to the bid on the project’s page.


How are the fees adjusted after the bid modification?

If the new bid amount is higher than the previous bid amount, both parties will be charged an additional project fee based on the difference. This will be charged automatically once your employer confirms the change on the bid amount.

If the new bid amount is lower than the previous bid amount, however, the project fees will stay the same.


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