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Managing Hourly Projects

We have now integrated invoicing and the Freelancer Desktop App, thus allowing easier supervision of hourly projects. Every moment spent by your freelancer on your project is now tracked. You will be able to verify their tracked hours and check their activities during these hours on the new hourly project page:


Hours tracked by your freelancer using our Desktop App are now automatically invoiced every Monday. These invoices will be automatically paid every Wednesday, roughly 48 hours after they are generated.


This automatic invoicing feature will be made available on your project once you set up your billing option. When you end the project, billing will be stopped and the project will be marked as completed.


Tracking Hours


Freelancers are required to download the Desktop App for hourly work tracking and invoice generation. Only your awarded freelancer can use the Desktop App. As an employer, you do not need to download the app. You can monitor their work progress instead through your project's page.



Scroll down your project's page to view periodic screenshots of your freelancer's work under Daily Activity Viewer and check their work hours in weekly or monthly view under Tracked Time.


Invoice Generation


Invoices are generated automatically based on the number of hours your freelancer spends on the project. An invoice will be generated every Monday at 00:00:00 hours in your (the employer’s) timezone if the freelancer has tracked hours in the last week.


Invoices can also be manually created by your freelancer. These are ideal for additional expenses they might have incurred. The hours set in a manual invoice, however, cannot be verified as they are not tracked with the app.



To start automatic invoice payment on your project, set up your billing option using your preferred payment method. On your hourly project's page, click Setup Billing under Billing Details. Select the payment method that you want to be the source of payment for invoices that will be automatically generated on your project every week.


If you want to stop the billing or end the project, you can simply click End Billing. To restart it, just click Resume Billing.


Paying Invoices


Automatic Invoices


Once your billing option is set up, automatic invoices that are generated weekly will be automatically paid every Wednesday. You can also create Milestone Payments for your hourly project. If there's a pending Milestone Payment, it will be used to pay the automatic invoice. Otherwise, funds will come from your preferred payment method that you set up for billing.



After an invoice is paid, a Milestone Payment will be automatically created if there is no Milestone Payment left for the project. The amount of the generated Milestone Payment will be equivalent to the initial Milestone upon award or upon setting up your billing option (Hourly Rate * Weekly Limit). It will be released automatically on the next billing cycle/week.


Manual Invoices


If you stop your billing option, you can pay your freelancer through manual invoices. To pay a manual invoice, go to your project's page and click Pay across the invoice. A pending Milestone Payment on your project can also be used to pay a manual invoice.



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