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Manual Time Tracking for hourly projects

The Freelancer Desktop App automatically tracks hours without disrupting the freelancers’ work. However, freelancers can still choose to track hours manually, especially if completing the project requires being away from a computer. 



Freelancers: manually tracking hours


     1.  Go to the Time Tracking tab of your hourly project’s page.


     2.  On the Tracked Time section, click Add Time Manually.


     3.  Set the date and time when the hours were rendered. This is optional. The date and time default to the current date and time if unchanged.


     4. Enter the duration of your work in hours and minutes.


     5.  Describe the work you completed. This is optional.


     6.  Click Track Time to record the hours.




Manually tracked hours will be paid each week (if automatic billing is enabled) along with the hours tracked using the Desktop App.


Note that time tracking is only allowed when the client has enabled the project’s automatic billing.


Deleting tracked hours is possible as long as the hours are not yet billed.



Clients: identifying your freelancer's manually tracked hours


     1.  Go to the Time Tracking tab of your hourly project’s page.


     2.  Under Tracked Time, you will see the tracked hours in the current billing cycle (Unbilled Time) and in the previous billing cycles (Billed Time). 


     3.  Click the drop-down arrow to see individually tracked hours or sessions in each billing cycle.


     4.  Look for the View Screenshots icon, ViewScreenshotsIcon.png. This icon indicates that the session contains screenshots, which are only generated through the Desktop App. Sessions without the View Screenshots icon were manually tracked by your freelancer.




If you have your weekly billing set up, manually-tracked hours will be included in the automatically-generated Hourly Payments at the end of the billing cycle, along with the hours tracked via the Desktop App.



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