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Troubleshooting for Desktop App Issues

Here are some problems that you may encounter when using the Desktop App and how you can fix them.


When installing, it says the installer is corrupted

Re-download the app using a different browser in private or incognito mode. The file cannot be less that 50MB.


Cannot install the Desktop App in a Linux version

Use the 64-bit installer for Linux. Verify the version of your Linux and select the correct bit version of the installer.


Displays error:  "(file name)" can't be opened because Apple cannot check it for malicious software.

This error may be encountered when downloading the Desktop App in Catalina+ (Ver 10.15+) or Big Sur Mac OS. To successfully install the app, go to System Preferences > Security & Privacy > General Tab. Click the lock in the bottom left to unlock your System Preferences. Make sure that the radio button App Store and identified developers is selected, and click Open Anyway.


Displays error: The setup files are corrupted. Please obtain a new copy of the program.

Check the file size of the installer. Be sure it is 56.3MB for Windows, 68.2MB for Linux 32-bit, 66.4MB for Linux 64-bit, and 71.2MB for Mac. If not, download the installer again using a different browser.

Note: The file sizes might get bigger upon further updates.


Desktop App is showing after running

Look for the running process of “freelancer-desktop-app” and kill the process, then run again. Check the antivirus and firewall if they are blocking the app from running. Due to hardware and software compatibility, sometimes you may need to wait longer.


Cannot see my project

Check if there is an ongoing hourly project. Note that fixed-price projects are no longer shown in the app.


Messages are not delivered or received

Check network connectivity. Restart the app. Check if the chat/messaging on the site is working.


Screenshot produced a black screen in Linux

If the Desktop App is in a virtual machine, turn off 3D Acceleration. Note that this in turn will produce a white border in Desktop App for Linux Mint. (Desktop App functionalities will not be affected.)

If you are using a physical machine, update the graphics driver. Use an up-to-date Linux OS.


Screenshot not displaying in project page/Uploading of screenshot failed

Contact our Support team for instructions on how to get logs so the issue can be investigated. Scroll down and click Contact Us below.


Hours are lost/missing

Verify that it is not related to the issue ‘Screenshot not displaying in project page.'

Check your project page and confirm that there are no deleted screenshots. If there are no deleted screenshots, contact our Support Team by clicking Contact us below. Deleted screenshots reduce the time that can be invoiced. If there are deleted screenshots, check if they are equal to the number of lost hours. If not, contact our Support Team.


Hours displayed in the app doesn’t match hours shown in the project view page

The value of tracked hours shown in the app may be different from what is shown on the project page due to several factors:

  • If there is a screenshot deleted, the hours that can be invoiced will be deducted as well.

  • If the app was tracking offline, screenshots will not get uploaded in the server. However, it will be uploaded once the app is online.

  • Uploading screenshots to the server depends on the connection speed of the freelancer.

  • You need to refresh the PVP page in order for the list of sessions to update.


Login fail after reinstalling the app

Verify if your account is suspended or limited. If your account has no issues and your login works, scroll down below and click Contact Us.

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