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Creating Milestone Payments

Clients have several avenues to create Milestone Payments:


Via Project Award Modal

Upon awarding your project, you will be recommended to set up Milestone Payment(s) for your selected freelancer.

In the Projects Page - Payments Tab

For awarded projects, whether awaiting acceptance, in progress, or completed, you can create Milestone Payments. 

 1. Click Create Milestone from the Payments tab.
 2. Provide a description for the Milestone Payment.
 3. Enter the Milestone amount. 

 4. Click Create to proceed to the payment cart.

In the Quotes Acceptance Page

All Milestone Payments in Quotes are required to be funded when you accept a Quote. 

Upon clicking Accept, you will be routed to the Deposits page to fund the Milestone Payments indicated in the Quote.

Other places where you can create Milestone Payments are in your inbox/chat box with the freelancers you hired and in the Financial Dashboard page


A Milestone Payment is funded by (1) your account balance, (2) billing agreement, or (3) by your preferred payment option.

Note that the funds in an In Progress Milestone Payment are held (in until you choose to release them to the freelancer. Should you want it cancelled, refer to this article.

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