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Payment Sharing (Team Payment)

Make payments easier for your team by using the Payment Sharing (or Team Payments) feature. This allows you to seamlessly share your verified payment method with your nominated team members to manage project or contest payments more conveniently.

Only credit cards and virtual billing agreement (used by Enterprise) can be used for Team Payments for now. You can start sharing your payment method as long as:

     your card is authenticated

     your account is KYC Verified

     you are registered with Payment Sharing



There are two steps to register.

1. From the dropdown menu in your profile picture in the main navigation bar, click Payment sharing.

2. Click Register in the pop-up modal.

Your registration will be reviewed within 24 hours. Once approved, you will receive an email notifying that you have been added to the Payment Sharing BETA group. You can find the steps to set up Team Payments here.

Setting Up Team Payment


After successfully registering to Payment Sharing, you as the team owner can start setting up your Team Payments:

1. Click your profile picture from the main navigation bar and click Payment sharing. You will be routed to the Payment & Financials page.

2. Click the Setup Payment Sharing button beside your verified credit card. If you have verified multiple cards, you can also create multiple Team Payments.

3. Add a name for your Team Payment. You can add a name with up to 32 characters. Click Next once done.

4. Set the amount you would allow your team to use from your payment method and the time limit for spending it. If you want the amount you set to be the default spend limit for each of your members, toggle on “Set default team spend limit” before clicking Next.


     No time limit - a team member can spend the allotted amount by the team owner anytime, until it is maxed out. The spend limit will not replenish unless you allot a new spending limit.

     Per month - the spend limit provided to the team member will refresh every 1st of the month at 12:00 AM EST. Any remaining amount from the previous month is not carried over to the next month. The limit always resets to the amount you set for your member(s).

5. Add members by indicating their username or email address. You can also invite people who are not registered on the site yet. Click Save once done.

6. Click Finish to be directed to the Payment Sharing Management page.

The Team Payment management page can only be accessed by the team owner, you. To manage your Team Payment  add or remove members and update payment limits of your members  check this Support article.

If you are a member of a Team Payment, check the article Managing Payments Shared with Me.

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