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Refunding my deposit

Deposits are not automatically refunded when they are unused. They stay in your account balance so you can use them for your future transactions. If you need your deposit back to your original payment source, we can refund it for you.


Refund requests can be approved as long as the following conditions are met:


The money is available in your balance. If your balance is less than your deposited amount, a partial refund will be made.


You can check your Transaction History to know where your deposit was used. If your deposit was used to fund a Milestone Payment, check its status to know whether or not it can be cancelled and refunded.


The deposit is still within the refund period. PayPal and most credit card deposits can be refunded within one year, while it’s 6 months for some credit cards. We can only refund deposits within their refund periods. Otherwise, they should be withdrawn.


The deposit did not come from Skrill, bank/wire deposit or Webmoney. These payment sources do not support refunds. You can withdraw them instead.


Scroll down and click Contact Us. Give us the following details so we can process the refund:


Payment method used (i.e. PayPal, credit card) and its details (i.e. PayPal email, your card’s last 4 digits)


Deposit amount and currency


Date and time of deposit


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