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Ways to Share Quotes

The most common way to share Quotes is to include the client's email address or username in the Create Quote form, but there are a variety of ways to do so. Explore your options to reach more clients below.

Create Quote to existing clients

This is sharing a Quote to your clients who are already registered on You can send them a Quote via their name, username or email address. Check our Using Quotes article for more details.

External Quote

Sharing a Quote to your clients outside is done the same way as creating a Quote for your existing clients in Freelancer. But instead of inviting them through their name or username, use their email address. For more details, read the Quotes External Sharing article.

Share from the “Quote Successfully Sent” confirmation page

After sending a Quote, you will see a confirmation that your Quote was successfully sent. From it, the following Quote sharing options are available.


1. Share a Quote via QR Code
A QR code will appear in the confirmation page which you can use to share the same Quote details to either your internal or external clients.

2. Share via Shareable Link
A link will appear which you can copy and share directly to other clients.

3. Share a Quote via WhatsApp

Upon clicking the WhatsApp logo on the confirmation page, you will be routed to WhatsApp login. From there, you can sign into your WhatsApp account and share the Quote to your clients in WhatsApp.


For a generic quote that would work for a larger audience, use Template Quotes.

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