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Weekly billing for hourly projects

In order to award an hourly project, the weekly automatic billing of your project’s invoices has to be set up first. If you do not have a verified payment method yet, you will be prompted to verify to proceed. 


Your billing details will be listed as follows on the payment setup window:

  • Weekly Limit: the maximum number of hours the freelancer will be able to track every week. This can be changed from 1 to 168 hours per week.
  • Hourly Rate: the amount to be paid to your awarded freelancer for every hour tracked on the project.
  • Maximum Weekly Billing: the maximum amount you will be charged each week if your freelancer tracks to the weekly limit.



You may create an initial Milestone Payment for your freelancer’s first hour of work on the Setup a Milestone section. This initial Milestone, if created, will be used up to pay for the very first invoice before the system creates one weekly. The Milestone Payment will be funded using your available balance or through your verified payment method. 


An invoice will be automatically generated every Monday (in the client's timezone), along with a Milestone Payment that is equal to the invoiced amount if there is none in progress.


The invoice will be automatically paid every Wednesday (in the client's timezone) using its corresponding Milestone Payment.


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