Connect MetaTrader MQL experts with node.js external API

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# MetaTradeShowAccounts Connect your MQL experts with and external API use node.js and jQuery datatables Ajax reload ## Setup - execute **"npm install"** inside the project directory - start the server using **"npm start"** - copy **TradingAPI.mq4** to your other experts (somewhere under AppData) - or add the expert to a chart and you should see the following ## Troubleshoting ### Error 4060 Allow your Expert to connect with your URL _MetaTrader -> Extras -> Optionen -> Experten_ _1. allow Webrequests_ _2. add "http://localhost"_ I did everything as you requested. Using only metatrader & node.js IMPROVEMENTS 1) passwords to mt4 are not transmitted or stored. for this in the maximum security. 2) mysql is not used - for ease of support 3) on the page, the data is updated without reloading only the data. (ajax) 4) it took much more time than using mysql. In order to make for you the most ideal solution.

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I have 20 year exp of Delphi2-XE6. I have exp on development, use, and optimize database of over 100GB size, over 1000 tables. Oracle 9-12i, MS SQL Server , PostgreSQL, MySQL, InterBase SQL, FireBird SQL. High degree of IT in Business. My program on Delphi use for profit from 1996. Multi users application. Full-time programmer. If you do not want to pay for the work, tell me honestly. I will do part of the work for you for free, as a help to the poor. For example: 1) I will throw a link where steps describe how to solve your problem. 2) Or I'll take a quick look and add you a few lines of code. This is much better than wasting time on lying during the project, and spoil my statistics. Thank you. Разработка на 1с 8.2 УПП 1.3. Интеграция 1с. Разработка Delphi,MS SQL В/О Информатик-экономист

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