How to Master Your Thoughts and Overcome Social Anxiety

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Do you feel anxious or self-conscious during social situations such as parties, eating or talking to others in public, etc.? Do you ever feel held back from doing the things you want because of shyness? Do you avoid speaking to people whenever possible? Are you ever worried people will think bad of you in social settings or that you have nothing interesting to contribute to the conversation? Do you fear you are the center of attention and everyone will know how nervous you are? If you answered yes to several of those, you might have social anxiety. Don’t worry, though, it is quite common, and there are many ways to overcome it. One way involves monitoring your negative thoughts during interactions, reducing your focus on yourself, and gradually confronting your fears to change your defensive behavior patterns. This has a lot to do with monitoring and editing your self-talk, the things you say to yourself, the random thoughts that run through your mind, while you are interacting with

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