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$46 USD / hour
   FRANCE bayrağı
rennes, france
$46 USD / hour
Şu anda burada saat 11:48 ÖS
Ekim 14, 2010 tarihinde katıldı
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Christoph G.


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$46 USD / hour
   FRANCE bayrağı
rennes, france
$46 USD / hour
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sophisticated and well-documented code

I was a freelance programmer in Germany from 2009 until I graduated in computer science at the "University of Applied Science Berlin" and moved to France last year to build my own company and continue as an "Auto-Entrepreneur" (form of sole proprietorship). For more than nine years now I program with object oriented languages, such as Java or (now learning) Objective C. This includes many other technologies, that use Java (as for example Java Server Pages or Servlets) or related concepts such as Android programming. But this does not mean that other common skills such as PHP or MySQL are absent. On the contrary. With more and more projects in this sector, I will also fit webpages- and applications to your demands, using newest standards in webprogramming like HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript or special protocolls and APIs such as OAuth. Regardless what kind of programm you want, or how big it is, you will always get well structured, clean code and sufficiant documentation for further development. My preferred workflow, that ensures the high quality of the program, is roughly devided into four milestones: - based on your job description I give you a cost estimate with a preliminary proposal. So you can decide if you want me to do the job. - if you agree to let me do it, I would need a more detailed description on your project (product requirements document.) That way you can express all your wishes and needs regarding the functionalities of the program. - according to these requirements, I can than design a concept for the piece of software by writing a functional specification. Based on this specification we can then discuss the approach until we can agree on one concept, that will be implemented. - Then I will implement and write the program. Whereas the previous steps guarantee a well structured application and smoothen the workflow, so, not much later, you can enjoy the result. Dependend on the complexity of your programm or especially of the user interfaces, I will hand out a users manual, that give you all the necessary informations to use the product without further consultation. But of cours I will be glad to help you with any questions you might have, even when our agreement ends. Since some of my clients or partners are from germany, I am used to work with other people over a longer distance (e.g. with Skype or TeamViewer). This can sometimes even boost productivity by simply improving communication and availability. So if you have any questions about what I do or how I might help you, please don't hesitate to contact me. Thank you Ch. Gerstner

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Oca 2012 - Şu anda
Auto-Entrepreneur in Rennes, France.


Şub 2009 - Ara 2011 (2 yıl, 10 ay)
Freelance Programmer in Berlin, Germany


Bachelor of Science (applied computer science)

Fachhochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Berlin, 2008 - 2011
(3 yıl)



Me (Source available on GitHub)
OAuth 2.0 is the next generation authentication and authorization protocol for Internet services. OAuth 2.0 focuses on client developer simplicity while providing specific authorization flows for web applications, desktop applications, mobile phones, and living room devices. It is being developed by the IETF OAuth Work Group and is supposed to take the place of its predecessor OAuth 1.a which has already many applications as e.g. within the Twitter API or some Google APIs. OAuth2Android is an Android lib

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