16 camera Windows based CCTV COrporate Security Systems

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Corporate Security for airpots, shopping malls and buildings, with up to 16 camera CCTV systems - based on Windows and C++. MPEG, JPEG, H264 based live video processing and rendering,. https://www.cemsys.com/images/uploads/products/AC2000_Intellex_Interface.pdf

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**Please do NOT award Me projects without My prior consent! * Welcome! :) I am a vastly experienced (20+ years), versatile, multi-talented R&D Systems Engineer, Architect - hailing from prestigious R&D Centres in the UK/ Europe. Now offer a plethora of wide-ranging services, incl. : - Technical/scientific proofreading, (re)writing - Advanced Code reviews/QA on C/C++ projects - MS Visio Modellng (UML, FLowcharts+ other diagrams) 1) 2+ decades of Microsoft Windows & Visual C++ (MFC, Win32, DirectX, COM/ActiveX, SQL Server ) 2) C/C++ on Linux & embedded Linux - global names in consumer electronics.. 3) UML Modelling using MS Visio & IBM Rational Tools 4) Win CE (embedded Win and eVC++) 5) Windows Credential Providers 6) Comms: GPRS/LTE Radio Base Stations; IP, TCP/IP, UDP, FTP; RS-232/485/484 7) I teach Advanced C++ 8) PHP extensions in C 9) QT, Borland C++, Pascal, Assembly, MS-DOS, COBOL, UNIX 10) C++ DLLs, wrappers, extension 11) Advanced life-coach..

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