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Profile for Adas Technologies : [login to view URL] Adas Technologies Private Limited 134, 1st Floor, Lane No. 5 Pandav Nagar, Delhi – 110091 India Tel: +91-11-64537252 Fax: +91-11-22047532 Email: [login to view URL] © This document contains confidential and proprietary information of Adas Technologies. It is furnished for evaluation purposes only. Except with the express prior written permission of Adas Technologies, this document and the information contained herein may not be published, disclosed, or used for any other purpose. CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION This proposal is confidential to Adas Technologies and organization/firm/incorporation solicitated for this proposal. This document contains information and data that Adas Technologies considers confidential and proprietary. Confidential Information includes, but is not limited to, the following: Ø Corporate, employee and infrastructure information about Adas Technologies Ø Adas Technologies project management and quality processes Ø Customer and project experiences provided to illustrate Adas Technologies capability. Any disclosure of Confidential Information to, or use of it by a third party (i.e., a party other than Client), will be damaging to Adas Technologies. Ownership of all Confidential Information, no matter in what media it resides, remains with Adas Technologies. Confidential Information in this document shall not be disclosed outside the buyer’s proposal evaluators and shall not be duplicated, used, or disclosed – in whole or in part – for any purpose other than to evaluate this proposal without specific written permission of an authorized representative of Adas Technologies. TABLE OF CONTENTS A. Executive Summary 4 B. Adas Business Profile 5 1. OVERVIEW OF ADAS TECHNOLOGIES 5 1.1 Aim 7 1.2 Vision 7 1.3 Values 7 1.4 Mission statement 7 2. SOFTWARE PROJECTS 8 2.1 An overview: 8 2.1.1 Network Management System (NMS): 8 2.1.2 Smart Campus Card System: 9 2.1.3 Fingerprint Identification and Verification System: 9 2.1.4 Automated Network fault root cause analyzer: 10 2.1.5 Pay Seed: 11 2.1.6 EmpSys: 11 2.1.7 Network Route Analyser: 12 2.1.8 Trouble-Ticketing System: 12 3. ORGANIZATION STRUCTURE 13 3.1. Adas Technologies Management Team 13 3.2. Adas Technologies Core Technical Team 14 4. ADAS TECHNOLOGIES KEY WORDS 17 C. Software Development Life Cycle 18 PROCESS MODEL/SOFTWARE LIFE CYCLE – ADAS WAY 18 D. Other Terms and Condition 24 E. Corporate Information 24 A. Executive Summary Adas Technologies is your trusted partner for software development, website application development and maintenance, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and outsourcing services. We are glad to demonstrate to you, through this response, that we have the capabilities, people, processes, technology and the desire to be your strategic partner of choice. Based on our discussions we understand your business needs. Adas Technologies promises a strong business foundation to deliver greater efficiency, sustain & improve compliance and deliver customer satisfaction, while meeting its key objectives around quality, accuracy, time and cost. Figure 1: Adas Technologies Software Life-cycle methodology Based on our experiences, the following key factors are important for ensuring a successful business engagement: Ø Ensure proper Project Requirement Analysis Ø Scheduled project delivery and release. Ø Adhering to Operation Level Agreement (OLA) Ø Value-add to client’s business needs by fine-tuning existing strategies. Ø Ethical and sincere approach towards work. Ø Our object oriented commitment, thereby earning trust and respect. Commitment to client’s success. Ø Continuous and steady improvement with a robust Business Continuity Plan. Ø Commitment to business excellence, innovation, quality and speed with proper focus on results. Ø Proper risk managements controls. Ø Due maintenance/support of project after delivery Ø Ensuring high Customer Satisfaction metrics Adas Technologies is a customer-specific service oriented company that extends services ranging from preliminary analysis and planning to detailed design, development with seamless integration capabilities for new technology to adapt with existing systems thus ensuring no set backs in either current or future business strategy. We have built robust website designing portals by abiding by the best- practice-methodologies used by Fortune 500 IT companies from around the world. We recruit the best available talent from fresh batches of engineering graduates and experienced software professionals in India to ensure sustained organic growth. We bring along numerous LIVE project delivery experiences to create robust business solutions for our customers. We are excited at the prospect of becoming a trusted business partner. We look forward to discussing this proposal with you and commencing a mutually beneficial and long-term relationship. B. Adas Business Profile 1. Overview of Adas Technologies Adas Technologies is a vision of youth. The lacuna of any professional service in small and medium sector enterprises around the world led to the beginning of this dynamic initiative by a team of young and inspired IT professionals. The organization brings together a fresh vigour and youthful exuberance from different domains of core IT, product development and R&D sectors. The founding members and the core group consists of extremely successful and talented professionals who have a firm resolution and steadfast mission to re-define the way the world looks at Information Technology. ‘Destiny of Intellects’ is the mantra for this self-inspired band of social visionaries who are on an exciting journey of changing the dynamics of IT. We adopt ‘best practises’ of the flourishing global IT industry to create unique case studies which provide complete end-to-end solutions to businesses. From helping companies integrate customer-centric strategies and emerging technologies into innovative e-business models, to developing multi-channel solutions that coordinate these new channels to help our clients redefine their business, differentiate themselves from their competitors, and reshape their industries. 2. Adas Technologies business objectives a) Adas Technologies is a leading Software Development & Web Designing company of Indian origin which aims to deliver unmatched business value to customers through a combination of process excellence, quality frameworks and service delivery innovation. We work to bring together a team of technology, business, and social visionaries who provide the right balance of executive management and cutting-edge technology in dynamic business environments. b) Develop an environment of fairness, honesty and integrity for our clients, employees, vendors and society at large. We are committed to our customers and partners and have a passion for emerging technology. We love taking on challenges and pride ourselves on seeing them through. We hold ourselves accountable to our customers, shareholders, partners and employees by honoring our commitments, providing results, and maintaining the highest quality norms. c) Adas Technologies software development team designs and delivers the systems, services and software that drives next-generation technology and helps in providing end-to-end business solutions. Every day, our engineers develop new materials and processes that make our products more environmentally-responsible and ensure that our products are provide our clients greater business efficiency. Every day, we find ways to give back to the communities where we live and work. d) Adas Technologies web development team works with an objective to create better portals with dynamic webpage functionality using next-generation WEB 2.0 technology and resources. e) Adas Technologies is a customer-specific service oriented company that extends services ranging from preliminary analysis and planning to detailed design, development, delivery and maintenance. We constantly integrate new technology to adapt existing systems thus ensuring no set backs in either current or future business strategy. f) Adas Technologies tries to bring the world closer and our customers business at every home. We remain committed to upholding our core values and honest beliefs. 3. Platforms Supported Our Software professionals are proficient in the following technologies and tools: a) Software Development: Ø C / C++ Ø Java Ø VB, .NET, C# b) Web Development: Ø J2EE Ø JSP Ø Ajax Ø Struts Ø PHP Ø ASP Ø ASP.NET Ø XML, HTML, DHTML Ø VB Script, Java Script Ø Flash, Dream-Weaver, Adobe Photoshop. Ø Crystal Report, Data Reports. c) Database: Ø RDBMS (MySQL, Postgre SQL, MS SQL, Oracle) Ø MS Access, Flat Files, Sybase d) Application Server: Ø Tomcat. Ø JRUN Ø Weblogic 4. Company Profile Adas Technologies was founded on 2nd October 2005 and received its corporate recognition as a Private Limited company on 29th August 2006. Adas started with a very dynamic team with a vision of being best in the chosen domain. Within a short span of time, Adas Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has established itself as a front-runner in the software development sector with careful planning and meticulous project execution. Our unique business-model helps understand client requirements and objectives. Incorporating the latest technologies and trends, we at Adas Technologies can create websites, which are visually appealing and professional. Each and every minor detail is looked into to make sure that the site boosts the imagination of end-users. 1.1 Aim Ø To develop software that drives next-generation technology. Ø To provide end-to-end business solutions that leverage technology. Ø To develop more environmentally-responsible products. Ø To upgrade our customers business to a new height which there competitors can never think. Ø To create unique business solutions for our clients Ø To bring the world closer and our customers business at every home. 1.2 Vision Ø To be a world class IT services company and product development company that aims at transforming businesses radically by adding value to the prime objective. Ø Complete focus on serving our customers with a commitment to surpass there expectations. Ø Timely delivery. For us time is the most valuable aspect of life. Ø To be ethical, sincere and open in our dealings. Ø A commitment to be objective and transaction-oriented, thereby earning trust and respect. Ø A commitment to business excellence, demonstrated by a focus on results, innovation, quality, speed and the highest standard of business ethics. Ø A strong sense of social responsibilities. 1.3 Values Ø Integrity Ø Leading change Ø Excellence Ø Respect for the individual Ø Learning & Sharing 1.4 Mission statement Ø To help customers achieve their business objectives by providing innovative, best-in-class consulting, IT solutions and product development services 2. Software projects 2.1 An overview: 2.1.1 Network Management System (NMS): Since the evolution of connected computing, network sizes have grown with an enormous pace and that consists of a wide variety of Network Elements. Any network which grows huge in size and complexity begins to have management problems. Now the biggest problem in any network management is the cost involved and lack of expertise. And as an obvious solution, the most effective manner to handle such a tedious task is to automate it. The NMS (Network Management System) offers tools to provision and manage the next-generation packet-based multi-variant network based on the different SNMP enabled IP and wireless elements. Other than SNMP based elements it also provides management of non-SNMP desktops through its SMS system which basically involves deploying an agent application on the Non-SNMP devices, thus implementing a custom proprietary SNMP protocol developed by Adas Technologies. The comprehensive management system maximizes the operational efficiency of service providers by providing a full suite of provisioning and monitoring tools to improve service velocity thus reducing maintenance overhead, easy configuration, load balancing performance, pro-active fault management and superlative security. Main Features: Element Manager: 1) Element Configurator. 2) Discovery Agent Manager (SMS System) 1) OS Finder 2) Agent Configurator 3) Agent Installer Performance Manager 1) Polling Manager 2) Polling Configurator 3) Specific Polling Initiator Alarm Manager: 1) Alarm Configurator 2) Route Analyzer 3) Alarm Notifier Security Manager: 1) User Management 2) Firewalls 2.1.2 Smart Campus Card System: Smart Campus Cards serve as a single, common and recognizable identification card for people who are affiliated to an education institution. Identification and Verification of the holder form an important aspect in the Smart Campus Cards System. Card holder’s data is stored in the Visual Inspection Zone (VIZ) and Machine Readable Zone (MRZ). There is provision for capturing and storing biometric data too. The cards also support wide range of on campus services like library usage, cash transactions at on-campus stores, vending machines, photocopy services, canteen usage, building / parking access, etc. Smart Campus Cards have been designed to serve as transcript cards in the event the holder is a student. The application residing on the card has the ability to store and process Enrollment, Course, Fee, Attendance, Assignment, Examination and Result pertaining to the student form the time they enter an academic institution to the time when they complete the course and leave the academic institution. When used by faculty and staff, Smart Campus Cards can be linked to educational institutions, ERP system for back-office processing including HR, payroll, attendance, leave management, medical, PF, pension gratuity, LTC, etc. The e-purse facility supported by the Smart Campus Cards enable the holder to conduct financial transactions through secure payment gateways for availing on-campus services like canteen, vending machines, payment of dues, and any other service requiring cash transaction. The system is web enabled and provides for access on an ‘on demand’ basis. The data on the smart cards and that in transactions is secured using encryption. This is particularly important when financial transactions are conducted through the card. The system provides for multiple levels of security using passwords. The solution is modular, scalable, versatile and secure. It is designed as an enterprise solution but can be deployed in scaled down modules too. 2.1.3 Fingerprint Identification and Verification System: This project involved building a system for identification and verification of fingerprints. The end point and bifurcation points in the fingerprint image are unique in nature, which differs with every human being. The system works in two phases; first to detect the bifurcated & end points in the fingerprint ridges and then verifying them while matching two processed fingerprint images. The minutiae extraction phase works to find the end points and bifurcation points, which are called minutiae’s. It consists of five basic algorithms: 1) Binarization 2) Thinning 3) T-filter 4) End-point detection 5) Filtering. Binarization differentiates the ridges and furrows of the input fingerprint image. It converts the 256/16-bit/24-bit colored fingerprint image to monochrome fingerprint image. Thinning works several times until a single bit of furrows remains in the binarized fingerprint image. This helps to detect the minutiae easily. T-filter smooths the single bit furrow lines. End-Point Detection finds the minutiae’s of the thinned fingerprint image. Filtering, removes the unnecessary minutiae’s that comes within 5 mm radius of the other minutiae. Thus it provides an image with best minutiae. The performance of the minutiae extraction algorithm relies heavily on the quality of the input image. To get a better quality of image we used several algorithms like normalization, orientation image estimation, frequency image estimation and region masking. Local Orientation Estimation defines coordinates for ridges & furrows in local neighborhood. Frequency Image Estimation helps in gaining knowledge about the neighborhood blocks. The estimated frequency image is processed to find the unrecoverable region from the knowledge of the neighborhood blocks in Region Masking. Dynamic algorithm is used for minutiae-based matching. First the Reference point algorithm finds a point in the input fingerprint, which has the maximum curvature of the concave ridges. This point is considered as the center point of the image. Then it derives the coordinates of the other minutiae’s with reference to the center point and stores in database. It will match the coordinates of two processed fingerprints. 2.1.4 Automated Network fault root cause analyzer: A typical managed network has a large number of elements and often suffers a large number of fault condition or abnormalities. A single fault in the network may be manifested as multiple alarms in the NMS. Making sense of all the alarms and identifying significant reason is tedious. Thus an automated system was needed to assist pinpointing the root cause for all the alarms and locate the fault. Dependency relation between network elements was used to identify the root cause of the faults. We considered reachability of nodes as an important parameter. We analyzed this reachability for a given network topology. We first extracted the topology and then constructed the reachability graph from the topology. The reachability status of a node can have various states: 1) Up 2) Down 3) Unknown An element with real status "Down" is the root cause for itself. The system assigns a particular Unknown node to a set of "Down" nodes where the "Down" contour is the root causes for the particular Unknown element. That is, given any Unknown node ‘a’, it returns the list of Down node {b | a depends on b is true}. The advantage of this technique is that it uses the topology information, which is already available in a typical NMS. The NMS need not collect or store any additional information just for this. This is a significant advantage in terms of storage, bandwidth overhead and processing in the NMS. This approach is implemented in National Internet Exchange of India and VSNL. 2.1.5 Pay Seed: Adas Technologies Payroll System is a complete solution package specific to client’s needs. With modules like joining formalities, induction, payroll processing, compliance, reimbursement processing, travel and food clam processing and exit formalities our product is a complete source of your needs. Adas technologies understand that payroll is a policy driven process, which requires customization as per our client’s business process. Our design is an easy process to understand, handle or customize the product by creating organization specific rules. With experiences of various corporate organization payroll systems we deliver the best processing modules with great comfort level of our customers. We understand that the payroll system of an organization used to define the business process of that organization which needs to be secret in many cases and open sometimes. We understand the needs and always keep our work separated for every customer of ours with proper data security system. Our work never discloses any of our clients’s working process. Adas Technologies has a robust workflow engine designed to take care of the submission and approval process with an audit trail built-in to the application to track the activities. The work flow can be used for services like reimbursement processing, travel claim processing, and payroll inputs through the web and drawing out reports from the web. Benefits: Ø Proper Costs saving process Ø Proper Data Security System Ø Higher Efficiency through guaranteed SLAs Ø Expertise in Industrial Relations, Taxation & Compliance Ø Quick adaptability to change in statutes and Comp Structures Ø Fully automated Technology enabled process Ø Web delivery of pay slips and reports to Clients and Employees Ø Grievance handling through call center, email and web based systems Ø Onsite Disbursement Help desks Ø Onsite Tax Planning workshops for employees Ø PAN Presence – Effective co-ordination across all client locations Ø Improved Service Quality 2.1.6 EmpSys: To make our clients work easier and to make sure that they achieve their goals by managing they employee with great value position, Adas Technologies works to customized Staff Management System. Our system provides a complete approach to your employment needs which provides value to your business Our product helps to increase the total productivity of our clients which ensure compliance and improve employee retention and cost control. Using our highly engineering staffing system our clients enjoy the flexibility and access to talent with the knowledge and comfort that we ensure with total compliance with PF, PT, ESI, TDS etc. Administration of Employee: Ø Attendance and leave records processing and validation. Ø Administering social security benefits and statutory obligations Ø Reimbursement process Ø Incentive process Ø Tax related management and administration for employee and company. Ø Monthly payroll processing Ø Administration of Accident Insurance benefits Ø Administration of medical claims Ø Facilitating PF settlements / transfers Ø Maintaining service records & HRIS Value Added Services: Ø Recruitment Ø Training Ø Team Building Ø Tax Planning Ø Associate Welfare Services 2.1.7 Network Route Analyser: Route Analyzer is a computer network application used to determine the route taken by packets across an IP network. The Route Analyzer Application addresses the need of a visual for tracing the path taken by a packet across the IP network between any two network locations. This can also be used to trace the packet between two remote locations. The destination locations need not to be present in the local network. The main purpose of the software is to provide graphical interface on how a data packet travels. The geographical map will show the entire route which the data packet takes while being routed from one destination to another in any IP network. The Route Analyzer is platform independent and can be used in different Operating Systems such as Linux, Solaris and Windows. This application has been developed in Java. 2.1.8 Trouble-Ticketing System: Trouble-Ticketing System manages the day-to-day problem of the client’s customers and maintains a track record of the problems faced. This portal will provide a one-stop solution to let the client’s customer support experts to manage requests of customers intelligently and efficiently. System administrators, customer support teams and end-users can use this software for better client interface and improve customer satisfaction metrics. The basic flow of the model is as follows: Ø Customers will report a problem via email to a specific email-id. Ø On receiving the email an automatic reply will be sent to the customer. Ø On receiving the email the customer support representative will create a ticket setting the ticket priority. If the customer support representative is not able to solve the issue he will route the ticket to the correct Provider group, which has a group of experts, who are technically trained and qualified to solve the issue. Ø The PG administrator for whom the ticket has been assigned will receive an email notification once the ticket is assigned to him. Ø The customer will also receive an email notification with the ticket number and a reference key. Ø The admin member takes the ownership of the ticket and assigns it to any of his team representative and ensures the resolution of the ticket. Ø The customer support representative tries to fix the problem and writes the appropriate resolution and sets the status of the ticket to “resolved and closed”. Ø Once the problem is resolved a notification will be sent to the customer. Ø If the customer is not satisfied with the resolution and come backs on the same issue then the same customer support representative follows it up by changing the status of the ticket to “re-opened” and the same cycle continues till the customer is satisfied. Ø At any time the customer can use the web interface to see the status of the ticket and all the action taken on the ticket. The customer needs to use his ticket number and unique reference key to view the status report. Routing of a ticket to the appropriate Provider group is considered to be the most important action, as it will result in quick and correct resolution of the ticket. 3. Organization Structure 3.1. Adas Technologies Management Team India prides itself on the quality of engineering graduates that the nation churns out every year. The management and core technical team comprises of former engineering graduates from the best technical universities including the world famous Indian Institute of Technology (IIT). Following are the key members in Adas Technologies who share a passion to transform the dynamics of Information Technology. Abhai Srivastava -- Founder & CEO Abhai is a [login to view URL] (Computer Science) from Rohilkhand University and has immense experience in the IT industry. He has worked with leading IT firms such as Wipro, CSC and FutureSoft. His current responsibilities include providing strategic business solutions for clients and formulate turn-key management principles. Abhai is passionate about finding new avenues for business generation for Adas and loves watching movies in his free time. Saurab Gupta -- Founder & CTO Saurab graduated from Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur (IIT) with a [login to view URL] (Computer Science) degree and followed it up with a Masters in Technology from IIT Kharagpur. He has worked with Cognizant Technology Solutions (CTS) as a PeopleSoft consultant. He is currently based in US and handles overseas client relationships for Adas. He is also responsible of generating business from overseas markets. Saurab is deeply interested in robotics and loves making miniature electronic collectibles in his free time. Arvind R -- Founder & CFO Arvind holds a [login to view URL] (Comp.Sc.) degree from Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur (IIT). He has worked with IT biggies such as Infosys and Valuesoft as a Senior Software engineer. His main deliverables in his professional life were mapping dynamic milestone based project maps and reducing redundancies during the software development cycle. He takes care of overall Project delivery in Adas. He likes reading technology related magazines in his leisure hours. D M Borai -- Founder & COO Mr. Borai is a [login to view URL] (Computer Science) from Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur (IIT) and has extensive years of experience in the telecom and network research industry. He started his professional career with IIT Chennai as a Research Associate before moving on to ETH Research Lab for NMS integration. He went on to serve as a Senior Engineer in IT firms such as Dish Network (wireless division) and Alcatel-Lucent in CLI interface. His current responsibilities include improve service delivery metrics by managing present technology and introduce the development team to new avenues of technical capabilities. He is also the Head of Adas R&D team, sphere-heading novel product based projects such as Adas NMS. He loves listening to music, globe-trotting and playing soccer in his free time. Viplou Dhali -- VP, Technology Viplov graduated from Rohilkhand University with a [login to view URL] (Comp.Sc.) degree and has a worked with various MNC enterprises in the software and marketing field. He has been clinical in creating different software frameworks and methodologies in Adas by closely working with the development team. He loves formulating corporate case studies and loves watching cricket matches after hours. Indranil Mukherjee -- VP, Operations & Client Relation Indranil graduated from Bangalore University with Bachelors degree in Computer Science. He has worked with organizations like Mphasis, Dell and e4e in various management positions. He has worked closely with business transition teams from the US and UK markets and successfully transitioned outsourced projects on behalf of SallieMae, Symantec, Seagate Recovery Services and Zvents to India. His current responsibilities in Adas include heading the outsourcing vertical, handling operation related issues, stream-lining the project delivery methodology and formulating business development strategies. His passions include listening to music, quizzing and playing soccer. Manish Kumar -- Head, Marketing & Business Strategies Manish graduated from Rohilkhand University with a [login to view URL] (Comp. Sc.) degree and went on to complete his Masters in Business Administration from BITS Mesra. Manish has been spearheading the business solution department in Adas and has masterfully given value-add principles to drive phenomenal revenue in each of Adas’s clients. He is a national level athlete and is passionate about the development of sports facilities in India. 3.2. Adas Technologies Core Technical Team 1) Rajendra Mohnani (5 years) Education: Ø Master of Computer Applications from C-DAC, Noida. While doing his Masters, his team developed a fingerprint recognition system which is being used as a Attendance System in CDAC itself and also is a popular product of C-DAC. Experience: Worked for Alcatel-Lucent on Element Management, Performance Collection and Database Management. His interests include network protocols, operating systems and socket programming. 2) Shwetank Shekhar (7 years) Education: Ø Bachelor of Engineering from Siddaganga Institute of Technology, Tumkur. Experience: Ø Worked in Freescale Semiconductor, Nodia as Design Engineer. Ø Intel Technology, Bangalore as Component Design Engineer. Ø Wipro Technologies, Bangalore as Project Engineer. 3) Binu Raghavan (8 years) Education: Ø [login to view URL] in Computer science from IIT Chennai. Ø [login to view URL] in Computer Science from IIT, Chennai. Experience: Ø Performance and planning management software Ø Finger print banking system for ICICI bank in IIT Chennai Ø Interface between software and hardware system Ø Redundancy maintenance 4) Sumail Khan (7 years) Education: Ø [login to view URL] degree in Electronics & Communications Engineering from the AMU Aligarh India Ø [login to view URL] degree in Electrical Engineering with specialization in Information Systems from Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur Experience Ø Worked for Alcatel-Lucent on mobile switching servers, mobility and call managements servers. Ø Joined ATC-labs (rooted on the of the Bell Laboratories research) for algorithms development. Skill Sets: His interests include psychoacoustics, audio analysis and coding, multi rate filter banks algorithms for real-time digital audio applications 5) Vivek Agarwal (5 years) Education: Ø He earned a M.E degree in Computer Science from BITS Ranchi Ø [login to view URL] in Electronics & Communications Engineering from M.I.T,Moradabad. Experience: Ø TATA Consultancy Service as a Software Engineer. Ø Worked Spatial Wireless R&D in NMS development with Santera Team. Ø Worked in Lucent Technologies R&D, having specialization with NMS, EMS, SNMP and java/j2ee on mobile switching servers. 6) Anoop Singh (4 years) Education: Ø B.E in Electronics & Communications Engineering from the GEC JABALPUR. Experience: Ø Worked for TATA ELXSI on Network Management and Element Management, Wireless, Data, VOIP and optical Network management for various clients like Airspace, Enterasys Networks, Life size Networks, Intelliden Networks. Ø Worked ADC Communication (Network Infrastructure Company based in US) Ø Worked in Ciena on Service Layer Management which sits on top of NMS and manages the customer service data for different ISPs. This utilizes the link of optical service providers like BT, AT&T and VSNL. His interests are usability, optimization of different algorithm, codes and approaches, contributing to open source and innovations in network management space. 7) Surya Kumar (4 years) Education: Ø [login to view URL] in Computer Science & Engineering from Agra University. Ø Post graduate Diploma in Information Technology from Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur in 2004. Experience: Ø Worked for Lucent Technologies on SNMP based Element/Network Management Systems. Ø Worked as a NMS developer in Ciena. Skill Set: His interests include problem/requirement analysis and coding, data structures & algorithms design for network management applications. 8) Vipul Kumar (4 years) Education: Ø [login to view URL] in Electrical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi. Experience: Ø Worked in core R&D of Intelligent Networks, where he was responsible for completing Design & Development of an IN node called Specialized Resource Point. During that period he worked on various protocols like TCAP, ISUP, SS7, etc. He has also worked with major firms like C-DOT, Lucent Technologies and Royal Bank of Scotland. His interests include algorithm design, game programming & coding. 9) Abhai Kumar (5 years) Education: Ø [login to view URL] (Computer Science) from Rohilkhand University Experience: Ø Immense experience in the IT industry. He has worked with leading IT firms such as Wipro, CSC and FutureSoft. Skill Sets: Ø Experience in System Management Software and database management. 10) D Boral (5 years) Education: Ø [login to view URL] (Computer Science) from Rohilkhand University Experience: Extensive years of experience in the telecom and network research industry. He started his professional career with IIT Chennai as a Research Associate before moving on to ETH Research Lab for NMS integration. He went on to serve as a Senior Engineer in IT firms such as Dish Network (wireless division) and Alcatel-Lucent R&D in CLI interface. 11) Srujana Rao (4 years) Education: Ø MS (Networking & Telecom) from IIIT Pune. Ø [login to view URL](Computer Science & Information Technology) from JNTU Hyderabad Experience: Ø Worked as a Network planning Engineer in CISCO. Ø Worked in ETH Research Lab in building NMS for wireless network. Skill Set: Ø Programming Languages: C, C++, TCL Ø Routing & Switching: Protocols: LAN/ WAN, TCP/IP, OSPF, BGP, MPLS, MPLS VPN Routers - Cisco CRS, Cisco GSR 12410, 7206 VXR, 3745 Switch - Cisco 2950, Cisco 3550 (L2 and L3 switches) VOIP – H.323, SIP, H.248, MEGACO QOS And Optical Networking. 12) Shomya Banerjee (4 years) Education: Ø B.E (Information Technology) from CCSU, Meerut. Experience: Ø Worked in Bearing Point Business Consulting Private Limited in India GDC as a software Engineer. Ø NMSWorks Software Pvt. Ltd, Chennai as Project Engineer. Skill Sets: Ø SNMP Query Manager and Alarm Handler. Ø Poll Engine for Performance Polling. Ø Worked in enterprise application integration (EAI) using See beyond and JCaps (middle ware) 4. Adas Technologies Key Words Adas Technologies has focused on providing services that transform the way business is done through the use of Information Technology, since its inception in 2005. The key strengths of Adas are summarized in the table below: Area Competency Service Offering One stop capability: Adas today has the distinction of being a one-stop shop, providing services across the entire business value chain from Business and IT Consulting through Implementation & Support services. People Adas has been able to attract and retain the best talent. At the same time, we have been able to inculcate a culture that empowers employees and motivates them to take ownership of their duties. Adas enjoys one of the lowest attrition rates. Process Delivery Excellence: With a record 95% of all projects delivered on time and within budget, we are clearly a leader in project management and reducing the cost of ownership for our clients. We are able to offer our clients’ cost-savings of 20% to 30% without compromising on service levels. Our superior knowledge management systems enable retention of knowledge within the project team and the organization. The resultant efficiencies have helped us deliver value to our clients at lower cost and with fewer defects Technology Technological superiority: Adas has brought together thought leaders within the organization to form Software Engineering and Technology Labs (ADASLABS). ADASLABS is the research wing of Adas consisting of specialists in software architecture, methodologies, emerging technologies and platforms. ADASLABS is also set for vanity of creation in web designing, flash and animation works. ADAS LABS mainly focuses on: Ø Developing frameworks & methodologies to address critical points in solution lifecycle. Ø Leading edge technology. Ø Provide technology related services. Project Management Strong Project Management capabilities ensure that the development process is predictable and that surprises and cost/time over-runs are avoided or minimized. Credentials and our experience with Large & complex projects. Adas has also worked in several multi-vendor scenarios where our success has major dependencies on the actions of other players and our Project management expertise has stood us in good stead in these situations. C. Software Development Life Cycle Process Model/Software Life Cycle – ADAS Way Many clients have asked us how the process actually works and what happens throughout the Software development life cycle. This document explains the process from start to finish and gives you an idea of what you could expect when working with us. A life cycle is the sequence in which a project specifies, prototypes , designs , implementation tests, and maintains a piece of software. Explicit recognition of a life cycle encourages development teams to address development issues at the appropriate time; for example, to establish basic software requirements before design or coding begins. We recommend that developers roughly follow the staged delivery model (see pictogram below) when designing significantly new versions of the full model and when developing large components and libraries. (This is just a guideline, your development project may have needs that are not addressed here) Phase Responsible Business Unit(s) Deliverable(s) Exit Criteria Project Request Client’s Business Unit Written request describing the initial project vision and scope. This should include a basic description of the project and its purpose, the users, and any other known parameters. The request should be submitted via the Footprints ticket system. Request is reviewed and accepted by Adas Technologies Business Analyst Request Review Adas Technologies Business Analyst Client’s Business Unit Written project analysis document defining the following: 1. Major stakeholders. 2. Impact analysis 3. Adas Technologies project scope and vision including: Ø Solution scope and vision statement Ø User profiles Ø Success criteria Ø Assumptions Ø Risks Ø Dependencies 4. Prioritization and/or scheduling estimates including a project plan. Any business unit deadlines should be noted. 5. Funding source(s). 6. Decision to pursue the project or not. 7. When practical, the project plan should describe a phased delivery approach. Written project analysis document is reviewed, accepted, and signed by major stakeholders. Functional Requirements Adas Technologies Business Analyst Client’s Business Unit Written functional requirements document fully describing the user requirements, expectations, and constraints; use - cases for implementing the vision and scope of the project; any other known high level requirements (e.g. new hardware, external consultants). This document, once approved, shall be considered the complete requirements for the project. No additions or deletions shall be made without stakeholder approval indicated in writing. Written functional requirements document is reviewed, accepted, and signed by major stakeholders. Detailed Requirements Adas Technologies Business Analyst Written business requirements elaborating on the functional requirements. The requirements document must define (as applicable): 1. All stakeholders. This should identify at a minimum: Ø Project Sponsor (Client’s Business Unit) Ø Project Manager (ADAS Technologies Lead) Ø Development Lead Ø Quality Assurance Lead 2. All data elements (input data elements, existing elements that the new functionality utilizes, calculated data elements, output data elements). 3. Methodology and formatting for inputting data elements (e.g. UI, other import mechanism). 4. Methodology and formatting for extracting data elements (e.g. downloads, reports). 5. Business rules for data validation, processing, calculating, storing, archiving, deleting. Written requirements documentation is reviewed, accepted, and signed by all stakeholders. Design Adas Technologies Software Development Written detailed design document specifying (as applicable): 1. Software topology / architecture (e.g. technology such as .Net, dependent components, object model). 2. Hardware topology / architecture (e.g. server model, operating system). 3. Implementation details including database design, software component application programming interface specification, user interface details. These details must describe how the planned software will meet the approved business requirements. 4. Unit test steps that show the software meets minimum requirements (this may be deferred to the QA Test Plan). Written design documentation is reviewed, accepted, and signed by all stakeholders as appropriate (at a minimum this will include Adas Technologies Project Manager, Business Analyst, Quality Assurance – the Client’s Business Unit staff may not be required to review and sign) Adas Technologies Quality Assurance Written detailed test plan document specifying (as applicable): 1. Minimum acceptance test steps that verify software meets basic functionality (it can be started, basic navigation is functional). This may be used for software development unit tests. 2. Test steps that verify and validate all business rules have been correctly implemented. The details of the test steps are not required at this point, but all test steps should be identified and matched to business requirements. Written test plan documentation is reviewed, accepted, and signed by all stakeholders as appropriate (at a minimum this will include Adas Technologies Project Manager, Business Analyst, Quality Assurance – the Client’s Business Unit staff may not be required to review and sign, but it is recommended that they are involved in this review) Construction and Unit Test Adas Technologies Software Development Software product developed in accordance with the approved design document. When necessary, construction shall include a proof of concept to demonstrate the feasibility of new technology or design features. When practical, construction shall include one or more cycles of prototyping / requirements revision to ensure the software meets expectations. The software shall have passed applicable unit tests verifying that the software operates as intended, at least in a stand alone mode. Written notice indicating the software development is complete and has passed unit testing (via Footprints). The notice shall specifically state the details of what the unit test consisted of, what the expected results were, and the observed results. Quality Assurance Test Adas Technologies Quality Assurance Quality Assurance staff review, and accept as sufficient, the unit testing, and approve the software for migration to the test environment. When the software is available in the test environment; the minimum acceptance tests shall be performed. If the results are satisfactory, full testing and integration testing shall be performed per the approved test plan. Written test results indicating the status of the software tests (via Footprints). The results shall indicate any test plan steps that the software did NOT pass; it is not necessary to list all individual satisfactory test steps. User Acceptance Test Client’s Business Unit(s) Client’s Business Unit staff review, and accept as satisfactory, the QA test results and approve the software for migration to the user acceptance environment. When the software is available in the user acceptance environment, the Client’s Business Unit(s) will test the software to the extent determined by the Client’s Business Unit staff. Written notice to Adas Technologies that the software has been accepted (via Footprints). Implementation Client’s Business Unit(s) Adas Technologies Client’s Business Unit(s) and Adas Technologies shall ensure that the software is satisfactorily integrated into the production system; operates as intended; and is monitored for defects or other side effects. Software performs in accordance with requirements. Maintenance Client’s Business Unit(s) Adas Technologies Client’s Business Unit(s) and/or Adas Technologies shall recommend software modifications as appropriate based upon identified defects, legislative or other business rule changes, end user requirements, etc. None D. Other Terms and Condition 1. Software Development Ø We work in steps to develop and customize any software. Due to lack of time or any other factor we cannot disturb our process of developing any software, as we believe more in quality than quantity. Ø We start our development with the software analysis phase. We consider this phase only after the complete requirement of our customer is understood by us. This phase does not conform to any time frame. A milestone based PROJECT MAP is created to emphasize on the important parameters. Ø Once the initial analysis is over we start working for the designing of the software as per the inputs of the analysis phase. Once the designing is over, now we consider the metrics in terms of time and money required for the development of the software. Ø The client is expected to make an initial payment of 30% (Conditions apply*) during the startup phase. Once the initial payment gets cleared we start the development phase. The PROJECT MAP is followed with razor sharp accuracy. Ø After completion of every development phase we process with the integration and system testing of the software before delivery and customization. E. Corporate Information Ø Name : Adas Technologies Private Limited Ø Address : E-134, 1st Floor, Lane No 5, Pandav Nagar, Delhi – 110091, India Ø Phone No. : +91 11 64537252 Ø Fax No. : +91 11 22047532 Ø URL : [login to view URL] Ø Contact Person : Abhai Srivastava (CEO & Management Head) : Indranil Mukherjee (VP, Operations and Client Relation) : Manish Pankaj (Manager, Human Resources)
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