100 daemons/threads downloading data over proxy

yapan borneovw

100 daemons/threads downloading data over proxy from a single website at the rate of almost 100 MBit/s.

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Hi, my name is Borna and I like to write programs to automate tasks that are either too slow for human, or perhaps impossible for human. The technology and the language that I use depend on the deadline, hardware, operating system and of course the project itself. Most of my projects start by creating a system scripts, a services that will operate without stopping, which is very stable way to achieve parallel processing. If top performance or minimal memory usage is required I will use C++, otherwise I'll write scripts like Python or PHP, but sometimes I might be using Java, Node.js. or something else... It really depends on the project requirements. Same goes for the storage, sometimes MySQL, PostgreSQL or similar relational database, but sometimes NoSQL is the right solution, e.g. Redis as an in-memory (very fast) database. Please send me a message so we can talk about project requirements and the time and the money needed to complete it.

$30 USD/sa

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