Word2vec software implemented with tensorflow

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A complete word2vec software that processes a given text corpus and train word embeddings using a tensorflow implementation of word2vec.

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►I'm a mathematician, a machine learning engineer, a python developer. Perfect for artificial intelligence, optimization algorithms, statistics or anything python. ► Partnered with an experienced data entry clerk, spanish/english translator and excel profesional we also provide accurate, fast, and affordable services of translation, transcription, data entry, and more. ►Vast experience in Python software development, deep learning and machine learning frameworks, mainly Tensorflow, Keras and Scikit Learn. ►Experienced in computer vision, natural language processing, non-linear regression. Why Hire Me? 1) Easy to communicate with: I am direct and good at explaining my approaches. 2) Reliable: I don't take a project unless I can completely assure that we will finish it. 3)Long term commitment: I commit to keep helping with anything related to the project even after we consider it done, in case any problem arises.

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