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$50 USD / saat
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montréal, canada
$50 USD / saat
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Ağustos 5, 2023 tarihinde katıldı
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David John O.


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$50 USD / saat
   CANADA bayrağı
montréal, canada
$50 USD / saat
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Scientific Consultant

I am a versatile and experienced scientific consultant with a vast array of interests spanning various domains, including health, technology, and trade. My academic background is rooted in molecular biology, which allows me to bring a unique perspective to my work. As a freelancer, I specialize in providing a wide range of technical writing services, catering to diverse needs in the industry. Among the forms of technical writing I excel at are crafting comprehensive white papers that delve deep into complex topics, creating engaging and informative ebooks, conducting meticulous meta-analysis reviews, composing insightful case reports, and summarizing presentations with clarity and precision. I am also adept at editing content to ensure accuracy, cohesiveness, and readability. Beyond writing, my expertise extends to consultancy, business, and market research-related activities. Leveraging my knowledge and experience, I offer valuable insights and strategic guidance to clients seeking to make informed decisions in their respective industries. I hold a Ph.D. in oncology, where I specialized in the development of cancer medicines. Through my postdoctoral research, I honed my skills in this critical area of medicine, gaining a deep understanding of the intricacies involved in combating cancer. My journey through academia has also equipped me with a comprehensive understanding of patents and the intricacies of knowledge transfer, an invaluable asset in today's competitive landscape. Within the life sciences arena, I have contributed extensively to the literature, authoring book chapters and research papers, including rigorous systematic reviews. My dedication to delivering high-quality content has earned me recognition, and I was contracted by Athla LLC to produce technical medical articles. This project was particularly exciting as it involved the creation of a platform for "knowledge automation" through the utilization of medical records, specifically Electronic Health Records (EHR) and Electronic Medical Records (EMR). My success as a technical writer and consultant is attributed to my meticulous attention to detail, effective communication skills, and an unwavering commitment to providing value to my clients. I take pride in my ability to distill complex information into accessible and engaging content, ensuring that my reports are comprehensible to both experts and non-experts alike. Moreover, I believe in the importance of active listening, as it allows me to fully grasp the unique needs and goals of each client. This approach enables me to tailor my services to align with their specific requirements, further enhancing the overall quality of my work.

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₹1.500,00 INR
Good Knowledge in work
R Programming Language
Kullanıcı Avatarı
    bayrağı Hari Y.
1 ay önce
₹1.500,00 INR
Have dedicatedly finished the work
R Programming Language
Kullanıcı Avatarı
    bayrağı Hari Y.
1 ay önce
$50,00 USD
very professional and reliable, will cooperate again.
Scientific Research
    bayrağı Venture C.
2 ay önce
$50,00 USD
Excellent experience.
Data Entry
Report Writing
General Office
+3 daha
Kullanıcı Avatarı
    bayrağı Nazi D.
3 ay önce
£230,00 GBP
I am thoroughly impressed with David’s deep understanding of scientific concepts and exceptional data analysis skills. He delivered high-quality of work, and demonstrated meticulous research and attention to detail when presenting the work. I highly recommend David and I look forward to future collaborations. Very satisfied, thank you!
Scientific Research
Research Writing
Data Analysis
    bayrağı Jade S.
3 ay önce


Scientific Consultant

Oca 2015 - Şu anda
A scientific consultant with broad interests including health, technology, & trade, plus a molecular biology background. I provide many forms of freelance technical writing including white papers, ebooks, meta-analysis reviews, case reports, presentation summaries, editing, consulting, business, and market research-related activities. My Ph.D. and postdoc were in oncology and developing cancer medicines. I have a strong understanding of patents, knowledge transfer, and business information.

Research Assistant

McGill University
May 2016 - Tem 2017 (1 yıl, 2 ay)
Research Assistant in Professor Amine Kamen's Laboratory, Department of Bioengineering, Faculty of Engineering, McGill University. Work included grant & paper writing as well as cell culture development projects. I was awarded an NSERC-RTI (Research Tools and Instruments) grant in Canada. I was also involved in a “Grand Challenge” grant to improve medical access in Sub-Saharan Africa by sharing expertise between Canada and the African continent.

MTS: Scientist II - DrugDiscovery @LPBI Group

LPBI Group
Şub 2016 - Şub 2017 (1 yıl)
DrugDiscovery @LPBI Group was a biotechnology pre-seed startup headquartered in Boston, USA. My responsibilities included establishing the IP position and developing the R&D program focused on the innovation of novel nano-oncolytic-immunotherapeutic technologies for cancer patients with high unmet medical need. The cancer vaccine technology was pitched to investors from EXOIncubator (San Diego). A potential partnership for the technology was proposed moving forward.


Ph.D. - Oncology

University of Leeds, United Kingdom 2007 - 2011
(4 yıl)


Coursera Audit of Concurrency in Go

University of California, Irvine
This course introduced the concept of concurrency in Go (programming language). Learning Objectives: > Identify basic terms and concepts related to concurrency. > Identify hardware limitations that affect the design of future architectures. > Explain Moore’s Law and how it affects the future of microprocessor design.

Coursera Audit of Network Analysis in Systems Biology

Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
The topics covered included: > Introduction to Complex Systems > Introduction to Biology for Engineers > Topological and Network Evolution Models > Types of Biological Networks > Data Processing for Identifying Differentially Expressed Genes > Gene Set Enrichment and Network Analyses > Deep Sequencing Data Processing and Analysis > Principal Component Analysis, Self-Organizing Maps, Network Clustering and Hierarchical Clustering > Resources for Data Integration > Crowdsourcing: Micro/Megatasks

DAT204x, Introduction to R Programming

Module 1: Introduction to Basics Module 2: Vectors Module 3: Matrices Module 4: Factors Module 5: Lists Module 6: Data Frames Module 7: Basic Graphics


CUB Domain Containing Protein 1 (CDCP1) modulates adhesion and motility in colon cancer cells

BMC Cancer
Deregulated expression of the transmembrane glycoprotein CDCP1 (CUB domain-containing protein-1) has been detected in several cancers including colon, lung, gastric, breast, and pancreatic carcinomas. CDCP1 has been proposed to either positively or negatively regulate tumour metastasis. In this study we assessed the role of CDCP1 in properties of cells that are directly relevant to metastasis, namely adhesion and motility as well as the association between CDCP1 and the tetraspanin protein CD9.

Future Directions in Pancreatic Cancer Therapy

JOP. Journal of the Pancreas
Pancreatic cancer is a major disease burden that is essentially incurable at present. However significant understanding of the molecular basis of pancreatic cancer has been achieved through sequencing. This is allowing the rational design of therapeutics. The purpose of this review is to introduce the molecular basis of pancreatic cancer, explain the current state of molecular therapy and provide examples of the ongoing developments. These include improvements in chemotherapy, small molecule...

Manufacturability of Regenerative Medicine Products for Commercial Scale

In this article, we focus on the commercial development of regenerative medicine and tissue engineering by discussing some of the major products on the market. Commercialization controlled on all levels (inputs, process steps, analytical methods, outputs, and validation) is the key to successfully develop tissue engineered products with market potential. Implementing actual commercialization of regenerative medicine with efficiency gains and risk reduction through quality by design (QbD)...

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