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WordPress Site/Theme Development Job Description This job posting, assuming you do good work, will last for the duration of the current website project. The strict deadline for Phase One of the project is December 25th, but it really needs to be done as soon as possible. The client provided PSDs, which have been sliced; the WordPress theme needs to be created with that design, with a few pieces of extra functionality that will require finding the right plugins, or writing some PHP code. Phase One is very urgent. Phase Two is more relaxed and does not require a lot of hours each week, but will also require some more advanced functionality. The timeline is much more lax, so it's hard to say how long it will take--perhaps no more than a few weeks. After the project is completed, I will close this posting and provide feedback. Hopefully I will create a new posting and retain your services at 20 hours per week. Perhaps more hours than that someday. But that depends on ma

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I have been working for 5 years on PHP, XHTML, CSS, JOOMLA, WORDPRESS, DRUPAL, and SEO. Any work I do is based on speed, quality and 100% perfection.

$20 USD/sa